Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Here we go

So it's obvious I have not blogged in a long time. I'm not going to play "this is my catch up post, sorry I haven't been around." I'm going to say a couple of things. 1. I had a beautiful little girl since last I was here. She's wonderful and insane and makes it so I don't have time to do things like blog. And 2. I am taking a page from a wonderful friend's book and I'm going to blog the way I want. It won't be full of entertaining banter unless I feel like it. It won't sugar coat anything. It will be able whatever I want. It may be full of rants. It may be full of things you don't want me to talk about it. If you can tell something might offend you, skip that post and be on your way. Like my friend said, I may not be for everyone.

So these posts are probably not going to end up being linked to facebook posts. But here's the thing, you can keep up with me. I'll post about the things happening in our lives. And there it is.

Run down:
My tiny boy is amazing. He's kicking some serious smart school ass. This is good and bad for a number of reasons. It's good for obvious reasons so I won't bother. It's bad because we can no longer afford the school he attends. It's also bad because he is performing at the top of his class. At the top of his class at a school that is already academically advanced. We sit at the meal table and he begs me to do multiplication with him. He's 5. He reads chapter books. Not like a robot. He doesn't just read words. He reads them with expression. He reads them with comprehension. He knows how to spell words I don't even know how to spell sometimes. He is beyond curious about everything. This means that next year we have to up our game and supplement the shit out of his education. And so we have chosen (with his input) to learn Spanish as a family (mine is very rusty). D will do Science experiments with him. I will do drawing lessons with him. I want his education to be fun and even if we could afford his current school next year I would not put him there. He has a perfectionist personality and is incredibly hard on himself. To put that type of personality in that kind of school for longer is something I see as bad. I don't want my kid to burn out at age 6. Pass. He's also kicking some serious ass in TKD. He stepped up serious time into an advanced class that is about 7000x more intense than the tiny tiger class he was in. I know I'm his mom but BAM, that kid is good. So proud!

My tiny girl is insane. That is all for now.

I have started krav maga. It's kicking my ass. I have wicked bruises all over my body. I love/hate it. It turns me into Golem. "You should go precious." "But it hurts us precious" "But you loves it" "Nooooooooo."

D is almost done with his masters. Yay! Shift work is nuts.

K9 hasn't eaten anything inappropriate lately. Win.

And lastly (just to stir the post), most people are crappy drivers, smokers are selfish, anti-vaxxers make me see red and the laws restricting teachers in Kansas make me want to punch people in the baby makers so they can't procreate more idiots.

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