Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happy Number 7!

So like all parents I have no idea where the time has gone and how the hell my tiny little could possibly be 7 years old but somehow it has happened and I could not be more proud of this little dude if I tried. I could go on a adjective ridden paragraph describing all the things he is but that seems cliche. But like always, if you don't care to read on overly braggy post about my child, I suggest you get back to your facebook stalking or your reddit reading and skip this particular post about my awesome SEVEN YEAR OLD! 

The last year he has amazed me time and time again. A little before his 6th birthday we found out we would be moving again. He had to leave a school he was used to, a TKD studio he had been a part of for almost 2 years, his best friend he had since he was 2 years old and basically everything familiar to him. And he made the transition flawlessly. He started a new school where his first grade teacher informed us after two weeks of having him in class that she thought he might do better if we were to bump him up a grade. This was not an easy decision and after a lot of thought, a lot of advice, and a lot of time he became a second grader. He resisted at first simply because he had started to make first grade friends but after a few days he was comfortable. He quickly excelled and informed us that he liked second grade better because the work wasn't as boring. His teacher loves him (though she has told me he can be kind of a devious little trouble maker with his group of friends... which I don't mind because it means he's being a kid!) He's received awards for honor roll for every report card as well and he's in an after school math club. 
L receiving his school awards (it was Halloween!) 
As far as school is concerned he was able to join the GEMINI program which is the districts elementary school gifted program. He is currently the only one in his school that is in it which means he gets an hour of one on one time twice a week with their coordinator and that is incredible for him this year. They are doing a space unit which he is LOVING and his gifted teacher told him that if he wanted help with learning different kinds of math that he would help out. They started that this week. 

Outside of school he's been playing soccer and baseball and loves both. He's a great team player though he has started his loud smack talking game. We may have to tone that down a little bit. But we have seen him at practice and he does try and help out his other team mates. I don't know what he's telling them but he's definitely trying  to help! 
First baseball practice
On our way to the first soccer game

He loves:
*Math. This kid does math problems in his head (and out loud) at the meal table, standing in line, basically any time he is bored. It's weird to me. He must be D's kid. 
Math bowl champ at Challenger last year. 

*Greek mythology. When his best friend came our for a visit they played "Demigods." He made a map and they shot monsters (the chimera, medusa, sirens, the minotaur, etc). 
*Reading. At the beginning of the year he made a goal to read 100 books this year. He is well on his way. Right now he has maybe one more book to go before finishing the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. If he's not doing math for fun, he's probably reading.

*Still digs legos and quite frequently ends up making fun creations for his little sister. 
Building the Lego death star he saved up for with bday,
 xmas money and allowance
*Drawing. Some of the most awesome drawings have come out of this kid. He may not be a brilliant in depth artist but his battle scenes and maps are fun to look at. 

*Videogames. Mostly because he's a little boy and he's our kid. I think this one pretty much goes without saying. His only problem is that when he plays with friends who aren't gamers, he ends up frustrated or wanting to do it for them. Thus the curse of the avid gamer. 

A nice friendly round of Duck Game
 *Tabletop gaming. We quite frequently have family game night/afternoon/morning/we are awake time. He picks things up pretty fast and is therefore able to play a lot of games that are geared at a much older audience. He loves Star Realms, Small World, and King of Tokyo just to name a few. He's been begging us to teach him Pandemic. I'm not ready for that yet.
Small World shenanigans. 
*Outside. All his jeans have holes in them. His bike is wearing down. He has scrapes, bruises, cuts, gashes and scars. He love to play outside.
Hiking with Aunt Jackie last May
Helping Daddy with yard work

Playing "demigods" and shooting Medusa

Camp out with his best friend from Vegas as an early bday surprise

*His little sister. I know L is a nice, kind person but never do I see it more than when I watch him interact with the tiny girl. He is so sweet and helpful with her and he just loves to love her.

I can't sum up this complex little dude in one blog post but he continues to amaze me every day and he is always teaching me something. (most of the time it's math or greek mythology stuff I have since forgotten!)

I have no idea where I would be without this kid. He's my original tiny sidekick and he's so fun to hang out with. Through all his accomplishments and everything else, sometimes it's hard to remember that he's still so little. Except that he's not. He's 7 now. Which I guess is still little but it happened so fast. Now if anyone would like to give us something that prevents his jeans from getting holes in them for his birthday, that would be great.

Happy 7th Birthday to my most favorite little boy in the whole entire world!

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