Saturday, March 14, 2015

Nerd Fitness

I am tired of eating like crap. I just am. At the beginning of this year I went nuts. I completely overhauled our pantry.I chucked all the crap that had ingredients whose names were too hard to pronounce. I chucked everything that had three or more different kinds of sugar in them. I chucked A LOT of crap. And I do not regret it for one second. I wish I had a before shot of my pantry but this is the After:

Aside from eating like crap, I am also tired of misinformation. There are about a billion things you are supposed to know to be healthy. Eat this, don't eat this, eat X number of times a day...blah blah blah. Then you see those facebook posts "3247382742983642385762387 myths about food" or "67 things you think are healthy but aren't" or whatever. Bleh. Too much. What do I believe? 

THEN D showed me Nerd Fitness and I fell in love. They back everything with science and instead of spouting that this diet will work or this workout plan is the best, they give you options and help support you in making small lifestyle changes very slowly so that the changes become HABIT. Because if you are just doing something for a small amount of time like giving something up for lent or doing a 6 week diet/workout plan to fit into a swimsuit for the summer, it's not going to stick. Period. I know this. My family has made small changes over the years. We have never really drank soda or juice. It's just habit. We don't eat out regularly. Maybe once or twice a month. MAYBE. The last few months I have made it a point to buy MORE veggies and prepare them in different ways so we just plain eat more of them. 

NF gives you small goals to change your daily life into a more healthy one. And they back everything they say with pure science. So if you are wondering why something works then it can help you. Why does paleo work? Why does strength training work? Why will a billion hours of treadmill or elliptical not be as effective as a well rounded workout plan? 

Not only that, I signed D and I up for their fitness academy. If you know us you know that we are incredibly huge gamer nerds. Guess what? Now we get to gain XP and "level up our lives." Yeah. We complete quests (nutrition, goals, fitness) and gain certain xp for doing them. And then DING. Level up. 

I'm super excited about it and happy to not constantly feel like crap because of our nutrition or lack of motion. The kids beg to go on out evening walks. They join in our circuit workouts. They do "yoga" while we plank. And small boy started trying to do wall handstands with me. It makes my heart happy to instill a love of moving and good nutrition in them so young. 

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Blythe said...

I'd be interested in hearing more about how the Nerd Fitness thing goes... sounds interesting. Good for you guys!