Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Tribe

I normally don't dedicate posts to a specific person (aside from D and my kids) but I have a friend who deserves it. I will start by describing her in all the typical ways that she is: she is strong, kind, creative, caring, compassionate, honest, supportive, resourceful and inspiring. I know she is these things to me as well as everyone she meets.
So why am I writing a post about her? A little while ago I texted her to see if she wanted to do something with me. The idea was simple, text everyday (the military separates us from being close and small children make it difficult to do much but text daily), keep each other on track to be healthy, happier people. When I initially spoke with her, in my mind we would just text "hey I did some squats or a minute long plank." Luckily for me she strives for way more and she started sending me daily workouts or as I like to refer to them "C's daily torture." When I woke up completely hungover on New Year's Day, my lovely friend badgered me all day long until I finally did my workout. I had some choice names for her that day but by the end of the workout I had nothing but love for her because she pushed me beyond the point of excuses and laziness and made me do something that makes me better.
C: part of my tribe and a big support in my life. 

I told her I was going to write a post about her but one part of information was missing from my mind. I could not for the life of me remember when and how we met. This is rare for me. So I asked her and reluctantly she told me: "It was after your friend M died in that car crash. You were sitting in the cafeteria, you looked so very, very sad. I gathered every ounce of courage I had, and asked you if I could sit with you. You maybe shrugged your shoulders or said yes or something...I sat down. I am not sure we talked that first time. But we did the next day. And more the next." As back story for this, my best friend for years, M, died in a car crash when I was in seventh grade. The kind of feelings you feel when your best friend dies that young are hard to explain. It's obvious why I don't remember how I met C now but when I think about going through all of that I am so thankful (even more so remembering this time) that I have a friend like her. In her words "I like you. Then, and now. Besides...You are my people. My tribe." I could not have said it better and I feel the same way.

We remained friends through high school and reconnected when we were stationed up in Alaska. Our oldest spawn are about two months apart in age and I know they would be such great friends if we lived anywhere near each other now.
Small boy and Sass around 8 and 6 months old 
I remember going to see her in the hospital right before Sass was born and thinking that I just want to be there for her and help her and that even if we didn't constantly hang out or keep in touch in the future that this is someone who I would always reconnect with in some way.

I can't tell you why I still have this but through all the moving we have done (including my constant dorm and apartment switching during college) I have kept this "happy picture" that she gave me our freshman year of high school.

It usually stays tucked away somewhere in the closet of whatever house we live in, safe with the teddy bear that once belonged to my best friend M, Small Boy's baby blanket with his birthday on it, and various letters and things people have given me throughout the years. I find it and smile at it every time I clean my closet or get nostalgic. I never could throw it away and I think if I ever lose it I will have a good long cry. 

So why am I suddenly dedicating an entire blog post to this one person? Like I said at the beginning, she's helping me in so many ways right now (and in the past). She has three amazing little people and her big guy is away from them all for an entire year. She is "one man banding" it right now and let me tell you, she is doing a hell of a job. Despite the fact that her middle child seems determined to kill himself, her appliances break, and she had to scrape a dead skunk off her driveway (and all the various other things that go wrong when your spouse leaves), she takes the time every single day to inspire me and support me to get healthier. And she lets me do the same for her. It's one thing to tell someone to workout and push them past all the excuses you know they will make but it's another to do that AND lean on them to push you as well on the days you don't feel like it. We are here for each other for the good days. That's easy. But we are really there for the rough days. And C has been there for me since the roughest days I had when I was young. 
So I raise a glass to one of the most amazing women I have ever known and deem myself incredibly lucky to have such a selfless, caring friend. She's my people and I love her dearly. 

A Time I Had

Me and C freshman year high school.

Monday, January 11, 2016


Like I said in a previous post, D and I will be attending PAX San Antonio. This is awesome for all the obvious reasons that is PAX but also because:
1. D and I have been wanting to attend PAX for a long time now. The fact that we are close to this one and that D has the ability to take time off is amazing.
2. A kid free trip? Yes please. While Link would be totally fine going to this and he would love it, we are being selfish. We want to go and do all the things we want to do without hearing anyone say they are bored. Maybe in a few years we will take boy child with us. Not this time.
3. PAX!!!!

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, we are going to Penny Arcade Expo. Here's a little taste of what Penny Arcade is (warning: language)

Basically we are going to a big fat nerd convention full of all kinds of wondrous awesomeness (tabletop games, videogames, ALL THE THINGS!!!)
We are gamers. We named out first kid Link courtesy of the Legend of Zelda games and our second spawn Kirin courtesy of the Kirin Tor faction in World of Warcraft. How could we NOT attend this if given the chance?! It will be full of awesome cosplay, gaming tournaments, concerts, panels, and awesome. 

So here in a few weeks, D and I will pack up our CLEAN clothes (past attendees love to stress wearing clean clothes and taking a shower and let's face it, big gamers are not exactly known for the best hygiene), our DS's, some snacks and heading down to my not so favorite state to nerd out hardcore. I'm so excited!

And just to add something not to nerdy, here's a picture of my sweet little Inky before the Redskins crushed his heart yesterday:

And a picture of my baby Bug being fabulous:

Oh and did I mention...PAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Me and some of my most favorite gamers!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Why I'm Switching

There are several reasons why I want to switch from Facebook to Blogging. Social media is a great way to stay in touch but there are many people who just don't want to see what you have to share. Instead of chosing to "unfollow" you, they silently (or actively) criticize what you post. I have a friend who posts a lot about her workouts. While I personally don't mind and her particular journey inspires me, she received a message from one of her "friends" asking her to stop posting her workouts and pictures of her kids. Asking other people to censor themselves for your "well being" is ridiculous. I do know people who I have unfollowed because their posts seem to just be them boasting about how they are better than everyone (I worked out 8 times, ran 20 miles with a stroller uphill in my new shoes, I receive expensive gifts from the hubby, etc) but a simple button click is easy and I still check our their profile for recipe ideas and quick updates of their kids from time to time.

I feel the switch from facebook to blogging will help focus me though. Instead of "omg my kid is awesome because ____" or "I had fun at _____" I actually have to form more complete thoughts and this will make me happier. And I feel it will also give select friends and family a better idea of what we are up to.

It might also be a fun way to share what I'm reading, cooking, etc. Plus, I always like to look back at old blog posts. I actually used to be quite clever. And I can be whiny on a blog and if you want to criticize me, it's slightly more work for you. HA!

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

A fresh start

With the new year always comes goal setting. Some of mine include the cliche "be healthier" but I'd also like to make more time to read and spend less time being a Facebook junkie. It's easier said than done. I take a cute picture of my kids, they do something cool, something fun happens, or I just have information I want to share...I tend to want to open up Facebook and make a quick post. Instead of that, I would like to make a better effort to blog more. This way everything I have to update can be in one post and only the people who really want to see these updates will. Because it's easy to scroll through and mindlessly "like" things on Facebook. If you want to express your "like" on a blog you actually have to comment and in the age of passive liking something I much prefer a conversation!

So I'll start slow with a few updates.
After we moved to Alamogordo he started school. He was quickly bored in class and after much conversation, Dan and I made the decision to skip him a grade. He is now in second grade and loves it as he is more challenged. After speaking with his teacher I found that he was around the top of his class and the only one to make honor roll last semester. He maxed out the test they are supposed to take at the end of the year. He joined a math club and loves it. He still doesn't enjoy writing all that much but LOVES to read. He set a goal to read 100 books in 2016 and has almost read 10 so far. He is really into the How to Train Your Dragon series right now and loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Before winter break I received an email from DSE's gifted coordinator to see if we'd like to get him in the program and get an IEP for him. Of course we do! He starts next Monday and we will have the meeting to write up his IEP next month. Big things from such a small boy. We couldn't be more proud and excited for him.

She's sassy and her vocabulary is steadily improving. So now she is very talkative with the same Bug attitude we all know and love. She has taken it upon herself to become my workout couch. When I workout she tells me "go, go mommy. Mommy workout!" and she likes to help me set up my videos and equipment. When I'm almost ready to quit, she comes over to me and tells me "Mommy, OK!" and pats me on the head (usually while I'm planking or doing some awful ab exercise!) She loves to help me cook as well. She's also a sneaky little thing so she keeps me ever-vigilant!

As for D and I, we are just trying to get healthier. Eating better, exercising more (typical new year goals). We are also trying to plan some trips. Since D is no longer on shift work we have a more flexible schedule. And since small boy is no longer in expensive school, we can pull him out if need be to miss a few days for trips. Among those trips this year D and I will be going to PAX in San Antonio at the end of the month while my MIL comes to stay with the kids (Thanks Laura!). We are also planning a Colorado trip in early June, a Kansas City trip in late July and (fingers crossed) a DisneyWORLD trip in early December. Let's hope nothing drastic changes any of those plans because I'm looking forward to trips that are long overdue! 

So there's an update for any who wanted one (I'm assuming it's mostly family!) and hopefully I will make time to post them more often. Like I said, I would prefer to move more towards this and more away from facebook. Let's make it happen! 

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