Saturday, October 1, 2016

Brace Yourselves, World. You Are NOT Prepared

Well I suck at blogging but since I only do it for me really it doesn't matter too much. And it's for the important the fact that my teeny tiny little Kiri Bug is turning 3! How the hell did that happen?!?

This last year with this tiny girl has been quite the ride. I remember last year as she turned two having worries about her speech and other abilities. This last year she has caught up to where she needs to be and my only real concern is trying to get her to be quite for at least 60 seconds! Granted, we don't always understand 100% of the things she says but she's got a lot to say.

Kiri is by far the most insane, outspoken, frustrating, rage inducing, adorable and sweet little person I have ever met in my life. She uses just enough attitude to ALMOST push us over the edge and immediately switches on her overly cute and sweet self, narrowly avoiding some sort of apocalypse. It's impressive. Despite continually testing our patience, she is one of the most lovey and sweet little people. She remembers her pleases and thank yous, she loves hugs and "mooches," and always has to have a "Mommy nice" (snuggles with Mommy at sleep time- I think she calls it a "nice" because I used to crawl into bed with her, snuggle her up and say "that's nice"). She's too loud. She's too quiet. She feels ALL THE THINGS and she feels them very deeply. She's crazy like Mommy, sweet like Daddy and just amazing like her brother. She's our tiny Kiri Bug and she's growing up way too fast.

Things she loves:
"Mine friends": she is so social (especially when she's comfortable around someone). Her best friend is the other half of "team tiny girl," Alexis, who she met last year around this time and the two of them are the cutest thing I've ever seen!
Camping with her BFF
Lunchin' with her BFF after Team Tiny Girl school. 

Watching the Balloon Glow with Alexis

All things girly:
Despite my best efforts her favorite colors are pink and purple, she loves princesses, ponies, jewelry, tutus, and baby dolls.
She dresses herself...
Found the tiny bit of makeup Mommy owns
Checking out her reflection in the wine
That is a handcrafted dress of wrapping paper,
 complete with crown and ribbon wrist bands which
 she wore in downtown KC
Tres chic like Audrey for school!

This girl sings constantly. ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, We Will Rock You and Apples and Bananas are among her favorites. She will often try to sing along even when she doesn't know the words. My all time favorite song of hers is when she sings "Let it Go" because she replaces the words 'let it go' with 'go away.' Last month I heard her sing "Go away go away, no you go in mine house Anna, go away go away!" in a sweet little tiny girl singing voice to the tune of "Let it Go." That's my girl!

Her brother:
They fight like crazy but he's one of the first things she asks about when she wakes up every morning. On days she isn't in school she begs me to go pick him up from his school and tells me she misses him all day long.
Link's smallest and biggest fan!
Running the bases at the little K

Doing puzzles:
This is a recent development but she's obsessed with puzzles. She went from doing the easy peg puzzles to 24 piece ones and I can't get her to stop (not that I would).

If she sees you with a crayon, marker, pen, pencil or paper she will run over to her sketch book, grab something to draw with and proclaim "KIRI DRAW TOO!!!" She isn't so much into coloring or coloring books (I think they piss her off actually) but she loves to make her own pictures and add on to ones other people draw for her.

When she was under 1 I remember thinking that I would actually die of not sleeping because she SUCKED at it. She was the shittiest baby sleeper in the world. Pretty sure of that. Now this girl will sleep until 10AM. I actually had to wake her up at 11AM once. She made me paranoid. I thought she might be dead. Nope. She just digs sleeping. Good girl! She goes to bed at 8 most days and will almost always sleep past 7 if we let her. She will normally wake up around 8:30 or 9. She's a good sleeper. Mommy like.
2 days old and 2 years old. She loves sleeping.
She woke up, got dressed and fell back asleep while I made

The elements (as long as it's not the sun!):
We thought she'd HATE White Sands. Nope. She loves it. And she LOVES wind and if it rains she immediately runs outside to play in it. But DO NOT take her outside without her shades if it's sunny!
She was doing yoga on the dunes
Happy as can be in a rainstorm
For some reason she likes the taste of black coffee. Like real black coffee. So when she asks we have to bribe her with chocolate milk instead. She's weird. 

With anything. Cooking, cleaning, writing. You name it. She loves to "help."

List of things she dislikes: 
-Basically any food that isn't mainly carb based >.<
-New adults talking to her
-Going outside without sunglasses
-Any time she thinks someone is being mean to her brother ("That's MINE Linky. Leave him alone!")
-Bowser licking her
-Going to bed without reading books
-Daddy brushing her teeth
-When the rest of us sing and she's not in the mood for it because it's "her song"

And yes, she still makes her crazy Bug face! 

Buckle up world. I don't think any of us are prepared for this one to be three years old but here we go anyway! I'm going to need some coffee...with booze in it. 

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Oh Shit

Our family has a KC trip coming up in July. We ended up extending it a little bit because me and my bestest friend in the whole wide world (D) are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary this year. Because we are slackers and didn't take the time to plan out a super epic anniversary trip, we decided to take advantage of the grandparents intense love for our spawn and we will be bumming around the city pretending we have no children. Earlier I had wanted to go to Camp Nerd Fitness later in the year but for various reasons it didn't really work out. I wanted something to work towards that would make me push my workouts harder. A put your money where your mouth is kind of deal because damn it, it is SO easy to get lazy, skip a workout, then skip all of them and then end up in a downward spiral where you are sitting on the couch stuffing your face with cookies dipped in ice cream. No? Just me? (OK maybe not that extreme but still). 

Well we found something. And I THINK I can do it. Because I'm awesome and I do 5Ks and stuff......

Color Me Rad 
I was blowing out blue snot for like a week. 
This guy is awesome and annoying when
he makes me run. Love him. 
I even do 5Ks in the nasty Vegas heat. But we like when there are bubbles:

L's first 5K at 4 years old. He ran some of
4ish month pregnant with Bug and I carried him through
a good chunk of this. Woot. 
I may have had a better time than he did...

And sometimes we just do it for funsies like it's a date or something.

Color Run with D
Yeah I even finish the races. As fast as a turtle in mud. 

And because it's not enough to just run during the day:

L & D late night Foam Glo
It seemed like a good idea at the time. 
 Bubble Runs are my favorite because they make you feel a little better when your liver is trying to escape your body and your tongue has already fallen out:

Look, we DO actually run these things!
Almost done

Bam sneetches! 

So yeah. I mostly need this as proof that I can finish a normal 5K because I just signed D and I up for the Rugged Maniac 5K which is a 5K with crazy obstacles, including running over fire, some trampoline shennanigans, cargo nets, a warped wall, army crawls, carrying 25-50 lb sand bags, etc. All kinds of things that I apparently have decided that I can do. I have no idea why. And since I'm nuts I convinced my twin to run it with us and managed to rope my big bro into it as well. Our team name? OVERCONFIDENT. Because let's face it, that's kind of what I am going into this. Mid-July, KC humidity, running. BRING. IT. ON. L hates it because I have been running more and make him go with me. 

We will see how it goes. If you don't know me that well, here are my perfect workout shirts: 

Simply put: I lovehate working out. I have never really liked running. But I once got to a point where I didn't loathe it and I consider that some serious progress. I think running is like kale. No one really likes it but certain people say they do. I don't believe you but OKAY. 

Anyway we shall see how it goes. Happy 10 year babe, let's die a horrible ugly death together!

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