Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We had a baby! It was about time... even though technically he was two weeks early. After two and a half days of contractions I went through three hours of labor, lost enough blood to warrant a transfusion of two units, had a beautiful son and proceeded to spend almost a week in the hospital with a debilitating headache trying to recover. After numerous people trying to figure out what was wrong with me (Link was perfect and healthy) they decided to send me home to get better. The car ride home and the next few days were less than easy. It was, however, nice to be home again with my pup and my ferret and my comfy bed. I eventually kicked the headache and am now just experiencing the general recovery of having a baby!

Link has been a complete joy. Even though it's exhausting and sometimes frustrating he has been worth every ounce of everything I have been through. D has been amazing. He's sacrificed countless hours of sleep taking care of both Link and I (as well as the pets). I knew I was lucky to have him but I didn't know how lucky until now.

I always said pregnancy didn't suit me and it sure didn't but being a mommy works for me. My little baby is such a sweetie... even when he's screaming in the middle of the night!

I love my little family!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


High Pitched Scream
With pregnancy hormones and the pain of it all taking it's toll on me I find myself more and more drawn to the idea of hacking off the heads of all the neighbors dogs...
I know I sound crazy but when I try to take a nap (something that is increasingly harder to do with this silly child cramping my organs) and all I can hear is the highest pitched "arf arf arf squeak arf arf arf!!!!!!!" in the world I tend to lean towards violence. It's not only the neighbors to the left now, it's the ones I actually liked. But God bless them, I am going to murder their screechy little puppy. She is adorable and all but with pipes like those ALL DAY LONG she becomes an ugly little runt who I would have no problem disposing of. I know this is probably not the best quality for an about to be mother to have but I can't really help it. Rest assured however that I suck at breaking into people's houses so there is next to no chance of me carrying out my violent tendencies. Take comfort as well in the fact that my sweet ferret and pup are safe and sound... it probably helps that Bazzy's squeaks are without a doubt the cutest animal noises ever made and the only time Bowser ever really makes any noise is when he gets feisty at his blanket or has to pee and wants to go outside.

Ninja Baby is Haxors
So we are still waiting for the little one to make his grand entrance. I have passed the "I'm terrified" stage and am currently sitting in the "Can we get this over with already!?" stage. I know that if I did not have fibromyalgia this would be one of the easiest pregnancies on record I am sure. The worst that has happened thus far is that I was only nauseus for some of my first trimester. No puking at all. I still have no idea what all that heartburn and acid reflux feels like, I got to skip being constipated and all the horrible things that I have heard every other pregnant woman complain about. All my tests were perfect for me AND the baby and everything has been great.... EXCEPT my good old fibromyalgia which, as soon as I hit the third trimester, has given me nothing but hell. And my sweet little ninja baby who is practicing to be an acrobat has taken it upon himself to move all day and all night long. I know it's a good thing because I don't have to worry (and it saves me the concentration of having to do fetal kick counts) but holy crap already. Because of his constant rolling around and moving and the fact that he has dropped already my back it killing me. Ninja baby is ruining my quality gaming time with D! LOOT HAX! I can't sit at my desk for decent periods of time because of the pain. It's quite frstrating. How am I supposed to teach my fetus to be a good gamer if he's making it impossible to game!?

The Let Down
Since I am officially running off of about one brain cell (yes it's true, pregnancy makes you a bit more dumb) at the moment I have nothing really to write about. Most of my energy goes into trying not to claw this baby out of me. Hopefully I will be able to update more often with something amusing. I am sure with a newborn about to pop I will have plenty of good material. For now though I leave you with this lackluster update. Enjoy what you can get! (and if there are typos and sentences that aren't quite right... I'm running on one brain cell people.. deal with it!)

A Time I Had

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Put a Muzzle on

Wake Up Call
6:07 AM: My alarm goes off. But wait, I didn't set an alarm. Why the heck am I awake.
*shrill screeching annoying, please punt me across the city rat dog barks*

It's the neighbor's little puntable dog barking it's annoying screechy ear piercing little bark because it wants to come inside. People, it's 6 AM. Let your little gerbil of a dog back in so that every 3 seconds it's not squeaking. My neighbors are the devil, I am sure of it at this point. My body is still sleepy because I am pregnant and in the third trimester my sleep now consists of waking up every half hour because I am so uncomfortable. My mind, however, is quite awake and thinking "I wonder if the eagles have had breakfast yet. I bet they could take off with that sad excuse for a dog no problem." Then I feel all guilty for thinking such things... for about 2 seconds in between the shrill little rat barks. Second three hits and I start thinking "If I went out there (in PJs and all) and trapped it in a box, where would I put it so that I could no longer hear it?"

I am not a dog person. I love my doggy because, well, he's mine. I think he's the grossest most disguisting, most annoying pet I have ever owned but I love him. However, I do not like my neighbors dogs, I do not like any dog the rest of my family may ever own, I do not like your dog and I do not like that dog over there being walked on the street. I repeat, I am not a dog person. So when I am rudely awakened by screechy barks from a wannabe rat dog I am not amused. And when it continues to be annoying for over 20 minutes because my neighbors are the most selfish *insert slew of bad words here* that ever existed it tends to make me violent. I am sure that my pregnancy hormones don't exactly help the matter. Then we have the neighbors on the other side how put their destructive dog in a kennel while they are gone all day. While less of a rat and more of a for real dog, it still has the same sort of bark. Ear piercing, stab a pencil through your eyes kind of screeches... ALL DAY LONG. So since I couldn't get great sleep during the night a nap would be perfect. Oh no missy, you will not be taking your nap.

All I can say is that I hope to dear god that when we have our baby that it keeps the neighbor's awake all night. It's already going to keep us up so I'm taking these dog lovers down with me. >.<

Sometimes I feel like Garfield. I think if D doesn't get home soon I may actually go out, get a box, kidnap our neighbors' dogs and try and send them to Abu Dhabi. I suppose it could be worse though. At least I don't have these feelings towards a person at the moment... though 10 more days without D to calm me down and I may go strangle our neighbors. But that is neither here nor there. Damn dogs!

A Time I Had