Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Is it 2014 yet?

Well 2013 continues to be the ultimate year of the unexpected. It began with surprise baby. Continued with surprise deployment and the house and dog falling apart while D was gone. And now it continues with the military deciding that D needs to go to SOS for a few months starting mid-October. For those of you following along, fetus has a due date of October 8. This means I would supposedly have this baby and D will leave a week or so later. Let me go ahead and describe 2013 to you in Cat Pictures.

How I felt when we found out I was pregnant (roughly three minutes before we joined some of our friends for dinner):

How I felt when I accepted the fact that I was going to have another kid and everything would be OK:
How I felt when D told me a week after I found out I was pregnant that he was deploying.
How I felt while D was deployed and expensive electronics kept breaking, my HOA kept harassing me, my bank kept informing me of credit card fraud, my dog kept puking all over our house (on the carpet), and my kid was an emotional wreck because he missed his daddy. 

How I felt when D told me (the day after he returned from deployment) that he would be leaving for another couple months for SOS in mid-October (about a week after my due date)

How I now feel about surviving a newborn and a 4 year old who is currently obsessed with daddy for the rest of the year by myself.

Aaaaaand  how I officially feel about the year 2013.

So I know I can survive this because you do what you have to. And there are so many people who are worse off than we are. There shall be no "it could be worse" because I already know this. My concern is not even how I am going to do this. Because I have no choice and I know I will be fine (I will be able to drink this time!!) My concern is this:

This small little boy who just got his Daddy back. Who will have a brand new baby sister, a tired mommy and a broken heart because he just got his daddy back and now he's gone again.

My other concern is this. This amazing man who just got his mini me and his wife back and has to leave again. This amazing man who won't get those first few months with his brand new daughter. He missed so much of Link's first two years of life and will have to miss the beginning of hers. It's not fair to him. 

 So send us your prayers, your good vibes, whatever it is that you do that our little girl will come a few weeks early so that D has a bit of time with her before he has to leave again.
You are also welcome to send wine. Lots and lots of wine ;-)

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