Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

All Hallows Eve
I love Halloween. It's one of my favorite holidays. Usually our house is all decked out. But since it's still hot and sunny and bright here I had a hard time getting in the spirit. We did make our own decor though through crafts and we had fun all month doing that. It's still hard for me to accept that it actually is that time of year!

This year is great since D finally got to take Link trick or treating (last year he was deployed). We were talking with Link again about how you say "trick or treat" when the people open their doors. So we said to Link "So the people will open their doors and they will give you candy but what do you say?" His reply was "Please." He did the same thing when we took him out to trick or treat. So my kid is the kid who you open the door to, he holds up his bucket and says "please!" He's polite!

Here was my little worm on his first Halloween 2009:

He was a cute little dragon and we hit up a Halloween party at our friends house down the street. It was full of friends and fun and everyone loved our tiny dragon.

Here he is last Halloween 2010:

Daddy was deployed but we went all out nerdy and Link was a moogle from the Final Fantasy games. My good friend Caitlin made him the costume. It was super warm for him... fleece lined and such because it was so cold up in Alaska for Halloween. We went with his friends Ivie, Alex and Alivia and he was mostly interested in ringing the doorbells and trying to worm his way into other peoples warm houses.

I was worried his thin costume will be too hot this year! Weird. Luckily it was just fine and as soon as he was distracted by trick or treating he didn't pitch a fit wearing the oversized Jedi robes and the Yoda ear hat (even though his ears flopped and someone referred to him as a "Jedi lamb")

Halloween 2011:
A Time I Had

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cookie Time

It Might Get Messy
One of my fondest memories from my childhood is decorating sugar cookies with my Mommy. She used to bake them for holidays and I would help her cut them out (getting flour EVERYWHERE) and decorate them. It always seemed like a long process but I was little and time seems so long when you are little. I know I always ended up with frosting and things everywhere and quite honestly I'm not sure how my mom kept her sanity with all that crap everywhere. I remember it well so when I saw her picture of Halloween sugar cookies on Facebook the other day I thought to myself "Why haven't we made any this year!?" So I fixed that... and Link helped.

We absolutely LOVE Halloween but since we are in a place where the A/C is still running and the high is still in the mid-80s most days I was hoping that making Halloween sugar cookies would help get us in the spirit!

I'm not going to go into precise detail about the entire process because I don't want to bore anyone. We made the dough, we cut the dough, we baked the dough and then we decorated. Oh boy did we decorate. Last time we made sugar cookies was with Nicky, Alex, Kristina and Ivie last Christmas and the kids could care less... except when it came to eating them.

[this was last year after we made the cookies]
Link, however, made sure he knew where those suckers were and begged like a fiend to eat them. We'll see how this batch treats him and his little begger self!

Here all all the ingredients ready to make some delicious cookies... also as kid-proof as I could manage for help from my sous-chef.

My little sidekick ready to help me out.

Adding a few eggs...

"What the heck is that thing doing Mommy?!"

One of my favorite parts of baking with a small person is that no matter how careful you are they will most likely end up with a bunch of flour on their face, most specifically the nose. Link didn't let me down either. Within two minutes of beginning to mix the cookie dough he had baking powder and flour on his face and he told me it was yummy.

And now for the best part of making cookies... the beater. Yes, I am aware there are raw eggs in there. Guess what? I ate the dough as a kid and I'm alive... just like ALL the rest of you who did the same thing.

Let's get serious about this dough eating.

Next to cut the cookies.

S*** got crazy with the flour! But he was damn good with that rolling pin.

There is no doubt that this kid belongs to me. He was cutting out the cookies and cut off one of the cat's legs. He then said "Oh no, I broke it" and proceeded to eat the "broken" cat dough.

And then the decorating. Oh God the decorating!

Sprinkles are almost as bad as glitter.

This is me laughing it off. Can you SEE all the sprinkles in front of my child. Breathe....


I live with these people. They are cute and cheesy and make me smile.

Again, I live with these people. Here's D feeding Link sprinkles from the jar.

And here's Link with a mouth full of freakin' sprinkles. He was hanging from the ceiling an hour later.

And finally here are our masterpieces. I don't think I have ever had a batch with so many sprinkles on them. Then again I have never had a two year old helping me either! I just gotta say though, they are so gooooooood! Must be the secret ingredient: dirty toddler helping hands!

A Time I Had

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Worm!

Half Way Through Two
Today is Link's half birthday and he's exactly 2 1/2 years old. Excuse me, didn't I just stumble out of the car with an infant car seat fresh from the hospital? Where did the time go?

This was the worm at 6 months. He loved to chew on blankets, hated pacifiers, drooled a lot and had awesome hair!

This was him at 1 1/2. He was a big ladies man. His best friends were Alex and Ivie. He loved playing with the dog and climbing on everything. It's nice to have D around this time this year. When he was 6 months D was out on TDY, when he was 18 months D was deployed. Now he's 2.5 and D is busy with RPA training but he's here and he gets to play football and read stories with him when he gets home and really, what more could you ask for!

Now he's 2 1/2!

He's very into the following:
trains (we hate trains now!)
any vehicle of any sort, really
guitars and music
building things
sports of any kind
angry birds
Super Mario
Anything that has to do with the water

His vocabulary blows me away. I'm not even going to attempt to write down everything he can say but he does include words such as
"funky gunk" (hehe)
When he gets upset and cries he tells us "I has tears!"
His favorite word is "no."
His favorite color is green (I swear he's two and has a fave color!)
He likes to "play baseball" by throwing a football "in the basket"
He's so important that he refers to himself as Linky in the third person about 30% of the time.
He tells the family he loves them (including Bowser and Baz)
He still sleeps well in his full size bed. He insists we cover up his huge dolphin with a blanket many nights.
He thinks he's a ninja warrior and he jumps, climbs, hangs and flips off of things.
He eats peas like they are candy.
He likes the Jayhawks AND the Tigers.
He's almost 27 pounds and around 36 inches tall.
When he is upset and can't have mommy or daddy he asks for Lovey.
He's a freakin' rockstar!

Happy 1/2 b-day worm!

A Time I Had

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Craft" time

It's the thought...
Recently I have been trying to do many more crafts with Link. Not only is he a total sports junkie but he has also been showing a lot of interest in creative endeavors as well. I figured since he is young I should nurture those creative tendencies and set up some craft times a few times a week for him. We ventured to a couple different stores and got a plethora of supplies (as well as an over the door shoe hanger for the closet door to store everything in). Through the month of October we have been doing a lot of projects involving pumpkins and Halloween themes. I did a little browsing on the net to find some project ideas and came across quite a few cute projects. I have no idea how old the kids were that did these crafts and I have to tell you, anyone that claims their two year old did any of these by themselves and even did 70% of them themselves is a Big Fat Liar Face. I post pictures on Facebook of all these cute projects we have done and I post Link in the process of making them. What I don't show you is the true experience of crafting with a two year old.
Let me demonstrate what I mean.

Craft #1: Tissue Paper Pumpkin

Cute right? I think it came out wonderful. We hung it up on the wall right near the door when you walk in. It was a fun one to do because Link enjoyed tearing up the tissue paper. What people saw was this:Link happily gluing the hell out of the cardboard pumpkin I had cut out for him. They also saw pictures of him putting handfuls of the paper on the board.

What they didn't see was this:Link screaming, launching cars into the paper and then throwing all the tiny pieces all over the playroom at the dog. They also missed out on the glue that got EVERYWHERE including the table, my shirt, all over my hands and all over his hands. We had to stop creation so he could wash his hands because he was screaming "Mommy! What's that?! What's that?! We need to wash our hands!!" They also missed out on pictures I conveniently forgot to take that included Link pouting when I wanted him to wait to glue the green paper on. Nice eh? Next craft!

Craft #2: Jack-o-lantern paper plate craftA fun paper plate jack-o-lantern with pipecleaners and foam stock. What people saw was this:

Link proudly displaying our pumpkin with scissors in hand. They also saw him painting on a green piece of construction paper in the same batch of pics.

What they didn't see was this:Link fanatically obsessed with cutting the crap out of the construction paper we used to make the stem. In fact, for the majority of this craft I was constructing it. He spent most of his time getting paint all over his hands, the paper, the table cloth, and mixing all the colors by dipping the paintbrush into each container over and over again. To his credit he did twist the pipe cleaners and sort of cut out the stem! He also, of course, helped glue the hell out of the paper plates!

What they really should have seen was this:
because that was his true masterpiece for the day. I actually had nothing to do with creating this piece!

Craft #3: Pom Pom Pumpkin PatchA cute little pumpkin patch made from foam stock, pom poms, googly eyes and pipe cleaners.
What people saw was this:What they didn't see:
Link making a run for it when the pumpkins weren't ready to go on fast enough. They also did not see me trying to keep the googly eyes on the pom poms because Link just "needs the eyes" or all the pom poms everywhere because I had Link help me sort the colors out. He thought it would be fun to throw "all these pumpkins" at the dog and into the sink, which he deemed a basketball hoop. Also missing from our fun craft were pictures of the glue all over the both of us from gluing on the "feet" (leaves) for the pumpkins. You will also notice the scissors in the above picture because Link is convinced that every time we do a project that we have to have scissors.

I would talk about craft #4 but really it pretty much didn't involve Link at all... aside from squeezing a whole lot of glue into a plastic cup. Ah hell...

Craft #4: Orange yarn pumpkin
I don't have a picture of the finished product because quite frankly, it's still not finished because I know it will be crushed when brought out. This was a failure of age appropriateness on my part!
I didn't really leave anything out of my picture post on this craft because this was the only real picture we had of Link participating. The next step was to blow up a balloon, dip yarn in a glue/water mix and wrap it around the balloon, let it dry and pop the balloon and pull it out. As you have probably figured out, all Link wanted to do was play with the balloon and he got mad when we ruined his green balloon. He just wanted to party!

I'm not going to stop crafting with Link. I love every second of it. It's always an adventure but I have found my idea for what to do with the materials usually differ from his. The finished products are always cute and I love the time we spend together... I also get a my exercise doing crunches as I continually pick up fallen materials and arm stretches as I constantly wipe up glue. It's also time to invest in a buttload of Elmers because man does my kid love glue.

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