Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wanna Hear about Poop!?

...I Didn't Think so.
So the last three days have been spent trying out a "three day potty training" method. I was a bit skeptical but it seems to have taken. I am not going to go into graphic details because, quite frankly, I am not one of those parents who feels they need to keep you up to date on when my kid pooped or when they peed... or when and where they did it. Suffice it to say that I no longer need to spend massive amounts of money on diapers and I don't have to fight with my kid to change his "skunky butt" (his words). The first two days weren't the most glamorous but with the last day only bringing on one accident because he insisted that he needed his tricycle right before his nap and was cranky I consider it to be a great success. He has continually woke up dry from naps and in the morning and when he wakes up he tells me he has to go. In fact he told me "be right back, Mommy" and ran away like a crazy person to go potty. VICTORY! I suppose we shall see how it goes from now on but I have high hopes.

The New Man of the House
My sweet little boy is turning into such a man. Today he ripped on, looked at me quite seriously and said "Did you fart?!" All I could do was sigh. Seriously? He farts and then acts like it was me. This cannot be good for future social situations. I remember when he was an infant and he would be on my lap and rip a gigantic fat guy fart and people would look at me like "whoa lady, you are in public, ya know?" and I would blush and point at the tiny infant sitting on me. I admit it was still difficult trying to convince people that a noise that loud could come out of something so small but it was possible. What am I going to do now? I suppose I will keep my distance from the little fart blamer. It's one thing to tell people it wasn't you but when your two year old looks at you like he had no idea he could possibly produce something so crude and asks you if YOU did it, it's kind of hard to convince others that it actually was your kid. After all two year olds never lie or anything. So I promise that I will not go out in public and just rip one. Odds are, if you see Link and hear some tootin' it's the crude little boy who likes to blame others for farting.

In other news my mom comes to visit tomorrow. I'm super excited since I am starved for some adult conversation that doesn't happen over the phone or email. As much as I love the constant topic of trains, race cars, cement trucks, buses, airplanes, helicopters, dump trucks, fire trucks, cop cars, vans, jeeps, all other types of transportation, etc. it will be nice to talk about other things. Not that my mom and I have the most mature of conversations but it will be nice to change the topic for a bit! It will also be fun to go to the Sesame Street breakfast at Seaworld that I made reservations for and to go on the steam engine ride in Austin next weekend that we booked. Other plans include FINALLY seeing the last Harry Potter, going to the zoo, having a movie night (something tells me we will either be watching Cars or How to Train your Dragon. Just a guess), a possible picnic and trying not to die a terrible fiery death here in the pits of hell... I mean 100 degree Texas! Have I mentioned that I miss Alaska like crazy. I guess I haven't mentioned that on this blog yet. There are really no words to express how much I miss it. Not only my friends and my home but the state. It's beautiful, it's cool, it doesn't have scorpions. It was made for me. I was in love. The Air Force tore me away from one of the loves of my life. Thanks for the med benefits USAF but can we go back to AK? Please? No? Fine. You win. Sigh. Anyway, yay for my mommy coming to visit!

A Time I Had

Monday, July 25, 2011

Getting Back into the Groove

My sorry attempt at blogging did not last. Apparently raising a kid is a lot of work and doesn't leave much time for much of anything. However, after taking a two year break from the blogging world I hope to throw myself back into it and keep everyone who cares up to date on the various happenings of me and my little family. Here goes nothing.

Dragons Galore
One of Link's new obsessions is dragons. I've known he dug them since the day he walked into our office to see the Wrath of the Lich King WoW login screen. For those non-gamers out there the login screen features a lovely dragon who roars his mighty roar! Link came in, roared and was super excited. So last night after his bath he found one of my World of Warcraft magazines (yes, I'm that girl!) and wanted to look at the dragons since the front cover of this particular issue proudly displays Deathwing the Destroyer. I won't go into details for my non-wow friends but there are several groups of dragons and we went through all of them. The conversation was something like this:
"Whoa it's a dragon. Mommy, look. It's a lot of dragons."
"Yeah it is. Wow. Very cool."
"Mommy what is it?"
"That's Alexstrazsa. Those are the red dragons. "
"That's a lotta red dragons. Whoa. I turn the page. Mommy, what is it?"
"That's Malygos. Those are the blue dragons."
"Blue dragons. OK. Mommy, turn the page. Mommy, what is it?"
"That's Nordormu. Those are the bronze dragons."
"Whoa. Those are a lot of dragons. I turn it. Whoa mommy, what is that?"
"Those are the green dragons. That's Ysera. She guards the emerald dream."
"Whoa I like a green dragon. Those are stars and moons" (by the way stars and moons ALWAYS go together in Inky world) "I need more dragons."
"OK turn the page and there will be more dragons."
"That's Deathwing."
"That's Deathwing. That's Deathwing. I like that dragon."

And there you have it. My child went through all the dragonflights and his favorite is the one that is the big bad guy in the whole world of warcraft. Seriously. I knew he was evil!

Land of the Scorpions
We are still attempting to acclimate to this evil land known as Texas. With a constant temperature of around 98-102 degrees everyday we go outside, sweat buckets and run back to the A/C. If the heat were not bad enough, the driving and all the crazy roads here do not lend themselves well to putting me in a good mood. I'm holding it together but the other night I was viciously assaulted by a cockroach and it broke me! After encountering a scorpion in our living room, a mouse in our garage, various creepy bugs near our baseboards, and D's brush with a tiny lizard in our entryway a cockroach hanging out by my the sink near my toothbrush was not what anyone needed. To make matters worse D is at training, Link was asleep, my dog is lazy and I have never seen a cockroach before in my life. I close the door, run to the hall, grab a plastic bag and a notebook (like I am McGyver or something) and quietly sneak back into the bathroom where the evil roach of Doom awaits me. I quickly discover this bug can fly as he is now on the other side of the room. Armed with my new knowledge of his quick transportation I begin to completely freak out. What the hell am I going to do with my expert bug catching gear? If I get close to this thing it's going to fly at my face, crawl down my throat, take over my body and attempt to raise my son on it's own. So, after freaking out and calling a friend who lives in Alaska from the safety of the top of the toilet seat, then calling my mommy and crying at her for about half an hour I watch the cockroach settle in for the night in the corner near the ceiling and go to sleep... or at least I think that's what it was doing. Regardless, I handled it like a big girl and locked him in the bathroom since the exterminator was coming the next morning. I'm great at this adult thing.

Hopefully I will keep this sucker up to date regularly. That's the plan anyway but we all know how plans work out so smoothly sometimes!

A Time I Had