Thursday, March 19, 2015

Best Big Bro

There is this small boy I know. He's an incredible little dude. For a very very long time I thought it was just going to be me, him and his Daddy. And then along came a tiny little Bug. She was our wonderful surprise. But here's the thing. I don't think I actually knew how amazing my small boy was until my tiny girl arrived. I was compelled to write this post to say what an amazing brother he is because I was cleaning and making lunch today and the tiny one was out in the trampoline while her brother was playing baseball in the back yard. As I glanced out the window I see her bouncing/stumbling toward the opening in the net. I run outside to save her from certain DOOM but small boy had already run over to her rescue. And this is just one of the many times he has been there for her. 

 He loves her unconditionally. 
It's actually kind of sickeningly adorable. 

There is not one person on earth (including D and I) who can make her laugh like he can. Like serious fat guy belly laughs. In fact, the first time she ever giggled/laughed was at small boy. I almost died it was so adorable. 

They are even starting to figure out that when they team up they are a stronger force. Lord help me. 

And despite all the crazy shit she does to him (destroying his Lego creations, always trying to take what he's playing with, terrorizing him while he's doing homework, biting, hair pulling, hitting, throwing things at his head, the list goes on and on) he keeps his cool 90% of the time with her and I could not ask for a better brother/sister duo to parent. 

There are a lot of times where I'm pretty sure he has saved my sanity. He's SO helpful. Not only helping me with things but helping her with things. When she gets mad he almost always runs to try and make her happy by giving her something or trying to make her laugh. She also changes her shoes, jacket and attempts to change her clothes about a million times a day. I can't keep up with that. But where I slack, he helps out. He helps her change and put on her shoes almost every day at least once a day. He reads every single book she brings to him. He helps her get snacks and drinks if she is hungry or thirsty. 

He is almost 6 and she is almost 1 1/2. I can't believe they are so old. I can't believe he is so old. And such a good kid. I have no idea how I got so lucky with him. He's a kid and he can be difficult sometimes but there is zero way I would change anything. He's one of the most kind, responsible, and caring people I have ever met. Tiny girl... I hope she can take note. She reminds me of a rabid badger. I hope she can learn to be so compassionate and helpful from him as time goes on!

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