Friday, April 17, 2015

My Favorite 6 Year Old

Yesterday I had a badass little 5 year old. Today I have an incredibly badass little 6 year old! I'm not sure how that happened!

This past year he has continued to surprise me at almost every turn. He was tested as gifted this year with an IQ of 138. Smart enough to be difficult but not socially awkward and weird (and just low enough to not qualify for anything great when it comes to school because he is so young). He also received a score of 149 on his visual/spatial. So he's exactly like his Daddy! This explains why he is better than me at video games! The lady who did his testing told me that while she was doing the test and observing that he adapts well, he's creative, he's incredibly patient and very mature for his age. She said he has everything that very successful people have. So basically, he is WINNING! Except that the lady also said that it doesn't matter what school he is in, he will most likely be bored and to push for advanced reading and math for him if possible. Basically I need to suck up to the school to get him what he needs. OK. I can do that.

His Taekwondo has been amazing. His school is incredible and his instructors are beyond measure. Because of this and their high expectations Link has excelled. He was moved from the tiger class (the very beginner little kid class) to the advanced class and it was a very big change. He LOVED it. He also began a Leadership program they have there as well. And during his private lesson this week his Instructor told him that over the next two months they were going to work on getting him to be able to do a 90 degree kick. So he's working on being able to do the splits in prep for that. And his instructor wants him to be on their competition team as well. This is a big compliment. This instructor has very high standards. He said he will only pick those he thinks can win. Well OK. I agree. Link will love it and I'm so proud of him. I'm not just proud of him because he is good but proud because he LOVES it and he works hard. He is constantly wanting to practice and get better.

He has continued his love of reading. He always has his nose in a book. D and I had to lay down the law so there are no more books allowed at the meal table or he tends not to eat. We got him a few chapter books with a gift card from barnes and noble about a month ago and he finished them by the next day. He devours everything we get at the library and he loves learning and reading about clouds and volcanoes. He's also very into the Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter.

He loves all things nerdy. He's definitely our kid. Loves Star Wars, video games, wants to play WoW... the list goes on.

He loves building things with legos. We started giving him a weekly allowance for several chores he does each week. He gets $1 a week if he does everything he is supposed to (less if he forgets or doesn't do something). He has been saving his money since the beginning of the year and has a goal to save enough to buy the Lego Death Star. For those of you who are unaware, that's a $400 lego set. He is well aware of how much money that is but he is determined to save and get it. He originally wanted to save $120 for a Star Destroyer but then he found out that his Uncle Craig bought a death star (being an adult rules!) and changed his plan. If he ever gets that thing it will take him forever to build it. But I know he'll do it because he can sit there and work at something for a long time if he's interested. It is pretty impressive for someone his age.

His knock knock jokes are The. WORST. They aren't funny and usually involve something about eyeballs, poop or slamming a door in your face. Him and his friends think it's hilarious.

He fights with his sister 50% of the time they are together. The other 50% of the time he is helping her with whatever crazy trouble she has deemed necessary for the day. And I have no experience with siblings but as far as big brothers go I'm pretty sure he is in the top 3.

I could honestly go on and on and on about how amazing I think this kid is. But I won't because it would take far too long and that would be less time I would get to spend with him.

Happiest of 6th Birthdays to my favorite little boy in the whole wide world.

And if you thought this post was braggy you are right. I am bragging. Because Link is awesome. And he has earned a Mommy bragging post. On my blog. That you don't have to read if you don't want to. So revel in my kids badassery like I am because it's his birthday.

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