Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time Goes Fast

This week in 2009, 2010 and 2011.
Sometimes I look at my tiny little boy and think "I'm so glad I can still pick him up and move him somewhere" (this thought mostly occurs when he's terrorizing the dog or rubbing Vicks Vaporub all over our pillow cases before bedtime -like last night). Other times I look at him and think "Oh my gosh my tiny boy is not so tiny anymore!

This is a picture of my little worm the first week of October in the year he was born -2009:

This picture makes me laugh because I am positive that the pacifier may have been in his mouth long enough to take this picture. You would think there was poop on the paci they way he used to react to those things! It's weird to look back and see him in an infant car seat.

In the first week of October last year -2010:

Dan had just gotten deployed this time last year. I'm pretty sure that we handled it decently gracefully the first week (by this I probably mean we cried, ate chocolate, thought about drinking, cried because we couldn't drink because "what if I get drunk and it's late and Link falls out of his head and starts bleeding to death and I can't drive and have no one to call because D isn't here and we have to call 911 and go in the ambulance and then what will I do with the dog and the ferret..." and on and on! I swear I'm mentally stable and equipped to handle all the responsibilities of being an adult!) He liked to sit between the wall and breakfast bar while I checked my email and ate breakfast. I think he was munchin' on some Cheerios.

And the first week of October this year- 2011:

I took my cheesy little goofball to the Pumpkin Patch this morning. When I sat him down by the pumpkins and told him to say "cheese" this is what I got. And I love it. We've come a long way from a tiny little ewok that fits inside an infant carseat.

Even though I sometimes miss him being so tiny, I am savoring every second of his toddlerhood now. I am also savoring the fact that I can still pick him up and get him out of things because as I worked on this post I heard "We don't play in the doggy water. We has cars. Cars need a water. Cars need to go swimming," and like a good mom I ignored it... until D goes in the laundry room to find Link. My sweet boy has taken it upon himself to have all of his cars go swimming in the dog bowl (that has a jug attached to the top). He's soaking wet and his cars are now drying on the counter. So, thank goodness for trouble being in a small, easy to carry size.

A Time I Had

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