Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

All Hallows Eve
I love Halloween. It's one of my favorite holidays. Usually our house is all decked out. But since it's still hot and sunny and bright here I had a hard time getting in the spirit. We did make our own decor though through crafts and we had fun all month doing that. It's still hard for me to accept that it actually is that time of year!

This year is great since D finally got to take Link trick or treating (last year he was deployed). We were talking with Link again about how you say "trick or treat" when the people open their doors. So we said to Link "So the people will open their doors and they will give you candy but what do you say?" His reply was "Please." He did the same thing when we took him out to trick or treat. So my kid is the kid who you open the door to, he holds up his bucket and says "please!" He's polite!

Here was my little worm on his first Halloween 2009:

He was a cute little dragon and we hit up a Halloween party at our friends house down the street. It was full of friends and fun and everyone loved our tiny dragon.

Here he is last Halloween 2010:

Daddy was deployed but we went all out nerdy and Link was a moogle from the Final Fantasy games. My good friend Caitlin made him the costume. It was super warm for him... fleece lined and such because it was so cold up in Alaska for Halloween. We went with his friends Ivie, Alex and Alivia and he was mostly interested in ringing the doorbells and trying to worm his way into other peoples warm houses.

I was worried his thin costume will be too hot this year! Weird. Luckily it was just fine and as soon as he was distracted by trick or treating he didn't pitch a fit wearing the oversized Jedi robes and the Yoda ear hat (even though his ears flopped and someone referred to him as a "Jedi lamb")

Halloween 2011:
A Time I Had

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