Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cookie Time

It Might Get Messy
One of my fondest memories from my childhood is decorating sugar cookies with my Mommy. She used to bake them for holidays and I would help her cut them out (getting flour EVERYWHERE) and decorate them. It always seemed like a long process but I was little and time seems so long when you are little. I know I always ended up with frosting and things everywhere and quite honestly I'm not sure how my mom kept her sanity with all that crap everywhere. I remember it well so when I saw her picture of Halloween sugar cookies on Facebook the other day I thought to myself "Why haven't we made any this year!?" So I fixed that... and Link helped.

We absolutely LOVE Halloween but since we are in a place where the A/C is still running and the high is still in the mid-80s most days I was hoping that making Halloween sugar cookies would help get us in the spirit!

I'm not going to go into precise detail about the entire process because I don't want to bore anyone. We made the dough, we cut the dough, we baked the dough and then we decorated. Oh boy did we decorate. Last time we made sugar cookies was with Nicky, Alex, Kristina and Ivie last Christmas and the kids could care less... except when it came to eating them.

[this was last year after we made the cookies]
Link, however, made sure he knew where those suckers were and begged like a fiend to eat them. We'll see how this batch treats him and his little begger self!

Here all all the ingredients ready to make some delicious cookies... also as kid-proof as I could manage for help from my sous-chef.

My little sidekick ready to help me out.

Adding a few eggs...

"What the heck is that thing doing Mommy?!"

One of my favorite parts of baking with a small person is that no matter how careful you are they will most likely end up with a bunch of flour on their face, most specifically the nose. Link didn't let me down either. Within two minutes of beginning to mix the cookie dough he had baking powder and flour on his face and he told me it was yummy.

And now for the best part of making cookies... the beater. Yes, I am aware there are raw eggs in there. Guess what? I ate the dough as a kid and I'm alive... just like ALL the rest of you who did the same thing.

Let's get serious about this dough eating.

Next to cut the cookies.

S*** got crazy with the flour! But he was damn good with that rolling pin.

There is no doubt that this kid belongs to me. He was cutting out the cookies and cut off one of the cat's legs. He then said "Oh no, I broke it" and proceeded to eat the "broken" cat dough.

And then the decorating. Oh God the decorating!

Sprinkles are almost as bad as glitter.

This is me laughing it off. Can you SEE all the sprinkles in front of my child. Breathe....


I live with these people. They are cute and cheesy and make me smile.

Again, I live with these people. Here's D feeding Link sprinkles from the jar.

And here's Link with a mouth full of freakin' sprinkles. He was hanging from the ceiling an hour later.

And finally here are our masterpieces. I don't think I have ever had a batch with so many sprinkles on them. Then again I have never had a two year old helping me either! I just gotta say though, they are so gooooooood! Must be the secret ingredient: dirty toddler helping hands!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these precious moments - I can almost taste the sprinkles from here!! ((HUGS))
Mama P

Anonymous said...

I remember a few years there when all the cookies all the time had sprinkles on were like 2, 3, 4 years old...then as you got older you got more creative with them. sometimes it took hours to decorate the cookies! I loved every minute of it and miss it now.