Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Worm!

Half Way Through Two
Today is Link's half birthday and he's exactly 2 1/2 years old. Excuse me, didn't I just stumble out of the car with an infant car seat fresh from the hospital? Where did the time go?

This was the worm at 6 months. He loved to chew on blankets, hated pacifiers, drooled a lot and had awesome hair!

This was him at 1 1/2. He was a big ladies man. His best friends were Alex and Ivie. He loved playing with the dog and climbing on everything. It's nice to have D around this time this year. When he was 6 months D was out on TDY, when he was 18 months D was deployed. Now he's 2.5 and D is busy with RPA training but he's here and he gets to play football and read stories with him when he gets home and really, what more could you ask for!

Now he's 2 1/2!

He's very into the following:
trains (we hate trains now!)
any vehicle of any sort, really
guitars and music
building things
sports of any kind
angry birds
Super Mario
Anything that has to do with the water

His vocabulary blows me away. I'm not even going to attempt to write down everything he can say but he does include words such as
"funky gunk" (hehe)
When he gets upset and cries he tells us "I has tears!"
His favorite word is "no."
His favorite color is green (I swear he's two and has a fave color!)
He likes to "play baseball" by throwing a football "in the basket"
He's so important that he refers to himself as Linky in the third person about 30% of the time.
He tells the family he loves them (including Bowser and Baz)
He still sleeps well in his full size bed. He insists we cover up his huge dolphin with a blanket many nights.
He thinks he's a ninja warrior and he jumps, climbs, hangs and flips off of things.
He eats peas like they are candy.
He likes the Jayhawks AND the Tigers.
He's almost 27 pounds and around 36 inches tall.
When he is upset and can't have mommy or daddy he asks for Lovey.
He's a freakin' rockstar!

Happy 1/2 b-day worm!

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