Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Perfect Toddler Meal

Dinner: Impossible
It is a constant struggle, as I'm sure it is in most households (especially with children), to figure out what to have for dinner. Yesterday was no different. We have gotten more responsible lately in making a weekly menu plan and sticking to it. But for some reason this weekend we completely messed that menu up and made two of the meals planned for this week. Like a well adjusted adult, I freaked out around 4:3o PM trying to figure out what to make. So I turned to my trusty sidekick.
"Link," I said "what should we have for dinner tonight?" and I opened up the pantry. He came up behind me, looked inside and said "Hmmm. We should have.... POPCORNS!" as he spotted the can of the unpopped popcorn kernels just slightly above his eye level. Next he found the Gerber crunchies that he loves so much. "And we need, uh. We need some crunchies!"
"So you want popcorn and crunchies for dinner?"
Let me tell you about my child for a second. He will come up with what he thinks is a brilliant idea (i.e. having popcorn and crunchies for dinner). He will then tell you his plan. When you repeat whatever he just said to you in the form of a question he will then reply with "OK!" like it was your idea and he loves it.

The problem with letting a two year old decide what your family is having for dinner is this:

When you tell him that his choices are less the adequate as far as a nutritional meal is concerned (aka "No. No popcorn and crunchies for dinner") he cries. Big fat tears. My dinner plans have broken his heart. In conclusion, never ask your toddler what they want for dinner.

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