Thursday, January 7, 2016

A fresh start

With the new year always comes goal setting. Some of mine include the cliche "be healthier" but I'd also like to make more time to read and spend less time being a Facebook junkie. It's easier said than done. I take a cute picture of my kids, they do something cool, something fun happens, or I just have information I want to share...I tend to want to open up Facebook and make a quick post. Instead of that, I would like to make a better effort to blog more. This way everything I have to update can be in one post and only the people who really want to see these updates will. Because it's easy to scroll through and mindlessly "like" things on Facebook. If you want to express your "like" on a blog you actually have to comment and in the age of passive liking something I much prefer a conversation!

So I'll start slow with a few updates.
After we moved to Alamogordo he started school. He was quickly bored in class and after much conversation, Dan and I made the decision to skip him a grade. He is now in second grade and loves it as he is more challenged. After speaking with his teacher I found that he was around the top of his class and the only one to make honor roll last semester. He maxed out the test they are supposed to take at the end of the year. He joined a math club and loves it. He still doesn't enjoy writing all that much but LOVES to read. He set a goal to read 100 books in 2016 and has almost read 10 so far. He is really into the How to Train Your Dragon series right now and loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Before winter break I received an email from DSE's gifted coordinator to see if we'd like to get him in the program and get an IEP for him. Of course we do! He starts next Monday and we will have the meeting to write up his IEP next month. Big things from such a small boy. We couldn't be more proud and excited for him.

She's sassy and her vocabulary is steadily improving. So now she is very talkative with the same Bug attitude we all know and love. She has taken it upon herself to become my workout couch. When I workout she tells me "go, go mommy. Mommy workout!" and she likes to help me set up my videos and equipment. When I'm almost ready to quit, she comes over to me and tells me "Mommy, OK!" and pats me on the head (usually while I'm planking or doing some awful ab exercise!) She loves to help me cook as well. She's also a sneaky little thing so she keeps me ever-vigilant!

As for D and I, we are just trying to get healthier. Eating better, exercising more (typical new year goals). We are also trying to plan some trips. Since D is no longer on shift work we have a more flexible schedule. And since small boy is no longer in expensive school, we can pull him out if need be to miss a few days for trips. Among those trips this year D and I will be going to PAX in San Antonio at the end of the month while my MIL comes to stay with the kids (Thanks Laura!). We are also planning a Colorado trip in early June, a Kansas City trip in late July and (fingers crossed) a DisneyWORLD trip in early December. Let's hope nothing drastic changes any of those plans because I'm looking forward to trips that are long overdue! 

So there's an update for any who wanted one (I'm assuming it's mostly family!) and hopefully I will make time to post them more often. Like I said, I would prefer to move more towards this and more away from facebook. Let's make it happen! 

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Craig said...

My resolution is to read more and watch less Netflix. But I don't think I can match Link's goal!