Friday, January 8, 2016

Why I'm Switching

There are several reasons why I want to switch from Facebook to Blogging. Social media is a great way to stay in touch but there are many people who just don't want to see what you have to share. Instead of chosing to "unfollow" you, they silently (or actively) criticize what you post. I have a friend who posts a lot about her workouts. While I personally don't mind and her particular journey inspires me, she received a message from one of her "friends" asking her to stop posting her workouts and pictures of her kids. Asking other people to censor themselves for your "well being" is ridiculous. I do know people who I have unfollowed because their posts seem to just be them boasting about how they are better than everyone (I worked out 8 times, ran 20 miles with a stroller uphill in my new shoes, I receive expensive gifts from the hubby, etc) but a simple button click is easy and I still check our their profile for recipe ideas and quick updates of their kids from time to time.

I feel the switch from facebook to blogging will help focus me though. Instead of "omg my kid is awesome because ____" or "I had fun at _____" I actually have to form more complete thoughts and this will make me happier. And I feel it will also give select friends and family a better idea of what we are up to.

It might also be a fun way to share what I'm reading, cooking, etc. Plus, I always like to look back at old blog posts. I actually used to be quite clever. And I can be whiny on a blog and if you want to criticize me, it's slightly more work for you. HA!

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