Saturday, August 1, 2015

We are going where?

I know I am an adult. Age wise and life-wise I am a full on for real adult. But as an adult I have to put it out there: I have no idea what I am doing half the time! It's a good thing I'm good at BS and can fake what I am doing most of the time.

All that being said, big life changes in the next month. D got orders for us to move to New Mexico. From Vegas to a teeny tiny small town. Without a Target (gasp!) I find it amusing that this is one of the first things people comment on when I tell them where we are moving. As if having a Target in the place you live defines your life. I think I will be OK without a Target. Hell, I might even save some money that once a month I might go there. I guess I am not fulfilling my duties as a stay at home mom by not hitting up Target 3-4 times a week and spending all our income there. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good Target trip but I think I'll be OK when we move.

So what does this mean? Well, we are selling our house. It was on the market a whole 4 days before we got an offer and went under contract. Let me tell you how thankful I am that it was quick. Getting two kids and a large dog out of the house for a full day of showings is not the most fun or most easy task. Inspection went well and now we wait for the appraisal.
This also means we have to find a place to move into when we get there. We decided on a rental for various reasons. It might not be as convenient as other housing options but we are fine with it. There is also NO WAY IN HELL I am buying a house down there. There just isn't. But we got lucky and thanks to the wonder of social media (sometimes it's useful for things other than cat memes and crazy bitches complaining about stuff) I was able to connect with some ladies who had a friend renting out their place. We were able to get a lower rent price and the place is great. The yard is HUGE for the kids and the house is bigger than the one we are in now. We have signed the lease and it starts the day we get there. What does this mean? It means we don't have to spend who knows how long in a tiny little pet friendly "hotel" room with a kid who has to start school, a toddler who screams louder than anyone I've ever met, and a dog who loathes being put in a kennel. This is good for me because now I don't have to stress about any of that. The only thing I have to focus on is enrolling small boy in school and wondering when we will get all of our stuff delivered to our house. These things are easy!

So we close on our house in a month. We have incredible friends who are opening up their home to our circus for the one night we will be homeless in Vegas. Then we head out at the beginning of next month. It will be a two day trip with two vehicles. Our SUV will contain two very very very active and energetic children and a dog who hates riding in cars (we have anxiety meds for him, poor thing). That will be oh so fun. Our car will contain everything we need to survive in a brand new empty house for a few weeks (hopefully it will be only a few days...)
I have high hopes for the trip. I am stocked up with books for the small boy (though I probably don't have enough with the way he reads) and I've got some random toys for tiny girl. And with the way they usually are in the car I'm guessing they will spend a lot of time squeaking at things they see out the window and entertaining each other. Now I DO have the last resort of a kindle fire loaded with some math apps for small boy and some Mickey episodes for tiny girl but if I can somehow avoid that I would like to. I'm not trying to be all hippy and "my kids don't need electronics to get by" but I am trying to survival mode myself! If tiny girl gets even a hint that she is allowed to watch shows in the car, it's all over. She's always been such a great car traveler (small and long amounts of time) and I don't want to ruin that with her wanting a tablet or tv every time we get in the car because I'm just not going to do that. Maybe when she gets older and can understand but she can throw fits like none other and I really don't want to deal with that...especially when it's just me to deal with it!

So there it is. We are moving. I'm OK with it. I'm looking forward to outdoor activities and a small town without the fear of death every time I drive somewhere! Small boy would be switching schools this year anyway and his TKD instructor is moving this month too :-( I have a couple friends I will REALLY miss but I think we are close enough that it will be easy to keep in touch. And a few of them will be joining us in a few months anyway! Another bonus is that when we do move and I am left alone with tiny girl because small boy is in school we will have some other friends moving that have little people her age. Playmates! Hopefully she can learn to be less feral and play nicely!

Like every move I know we are prepping for it but it probably won't feel real until about a month after we've been there.

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