Monday, January 11, 2016


Like I said in a previous post, D and I will be attending PAX San Antonio. This is awesome for all the obvious reasons that is PAX but also because:
1. D and I have been wanting to attend PAX for a long time now. The fact that we are close to this one and that D has the ability to take time off is amazing.
2. A kid free trip? Yes please. While Link would be totally fine going to this and he would love it, we are being selfish. We want to go and do all the things we want to do without hearing anyone say they are bored. Maybe in a few years we will take boy child with us. Not this time.
3. PAX!!!!

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, we are going to Penny Arcade Expo. Here's a little taste of what Penny Arcade is (warning: language)

Basically we are going to a big fat nerd convention full of all kinds of wondrous awesomeness (tabletop games, videogames, ALL THE THINGS!!!)
We are gamers. We named out first kid Link courtesy of the Legend of Zelda games and our second spawn Kirin courtesy of the Kirin Tor faction in World of Warcraft. How could we NOT attend this if given the chance?! It will be full of awesome cosplay, gaming tournaments, concerts, panels, and awesome. 

So here in a few weeks, D and I will pack up our CLEAN clothes (past attendees love to stress wearing clean clothes and taking a shower and let's face it, big gamers are not exactly known for the best hygiene), our DS's, some snacks and heading down to my not so favorite state to nerd out hardcore. I'm so excited!

And just to add something not to nerdy, here's a picture of my sweet little Inky before the Redskins crushed his heart yesterday:

And a picture of my baby Bug being fabulous:

Oh and did I mention...PAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Time I Had:

Me and some of my most favorite gamers!

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