Monday, March 12, 2012

There goes the wagon

Again with the moving...
So yet again I have fallen behind in my posting and I am going to use a familiar excuse because, hey, it's true. We have been in the process of moving, yet again, and getting settled in our new digs. This time... VEGAS, BABY!

I will be doing my "week in February" and "week in March" posts in the near future. I also hope to do a few posts on life here in Vegas thus far. We shall see how that goes since I am a temporarily single parent to one of the most feisty, strong-willed, opinionated, super-climbing, daredevilish, sassy little almost-3-year-olds in the world. Not that I have many readers but to those who do periodically check to see if I have written anything, fear not! I will return.

For now I leave you with this (because it's so very true)

and A Time I Had

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Anonymous said...

Great comic...reminds me of my standard morning recovery of whatever the cats have knocked off the nightstands...