Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Week in March

Spring is Here...
Not that it matters that spring is here really but it's a fact and I'm tired so that's what I led with. You like it. You hated winter anyway. You winter hater you. Hate is a choice, my friend. You should be nicer. True story. Anyway let's get on with things, shall we?

Here's my sweet little gremlin in March 2010 at 11 months old:

He was very into pushing things around since he didn't walk til right after his first birthday. As mentioned in the previous post, however, he was still trying to climb things. He was obsessed with balloons (but what kid isn't!?) and was very helpful... like with loading other people's dishwashers and such. He was also starting to really get into having his big toybox full of toys and would stand at it just pulling out everything.

Here he is in March of 2011:
In March of 2011 we knew we only had a few more months in Alaska. Unfortunately this is the month he met one of his greatest little friends, Taylor. Luckily they got in enough trouble together in the short time they had! Ivie was also included in this mischief, of course. He was still obsessed with "no-notes" (aka music notes) and had pretty much mastered his alphabet. He was obsessed with coloring (and leaving crayons ALL over the house for me to step on and adequately grind into the carpet). And he loved to gank my camera and take pictures of everything and nothing.

And this March 2012:

I recently got him a bat and ball to play baseball with since we have an amazing back yard and there are super awesome parks everywhere in Vegas. I figured it would be fun for us. Little did I know I would be out in the overcast, slightly windy cold playing crappy pitcher for 2 hours straight! (I'm not a pro). We all know Link is still big on climbing and anything slightly kamikaze-like. Nothing has changed in that regard... except for the fact that he made a new friend who he decided to show a few Ninja Warrior tricks to. He's constantly asking to go to the park or the playground and is rarely content being inside for long amounts of time. And, true to his pale and nerdy gamer roots, he thinks the sun is his enemy. I quite frequently hear the following: "Ahhh the sun! The sun is trying to get me!" I feel ya, little buddy. I have felt that way for a long time. Must we not forget the great South Padre lobster incident of '06.

A Time I Had

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