Sunday, January 22, 2012

A week in January

I'm Alive!
OK So I have fallen into the trap of not blogging again. It doesn't help that we were recovering from the Christmas festivities and then livin' it up in Vegas for a little over a week without our spawn, I mean sweet little boy. My awesome inlaws drove our new minivan (don't even bother making fun of my shaggin' wagon, you can't tell me anything I haven't already thought of myself. Plus it's got room to haul all the dead bodies and by dead bodies I mean things like furniture and such) that we purchased for a great price from D's grandparents. They then spent a while taking care of Link, Bowser and Baz for us while D and I went house hunting in Las Vegas. We ended up finding an amazing house, getting our offer accepted and are supposed to close on it near the end of February.

All that said here's my monthly post on the cutest little man in my life. Since I sucked at getting a pic the first week of January this is about mid-month. So here's the worm in January of 2010 (not the year he was born but within the first year of his little life!)

He was hanging out at the back door sportin' daddy's funky hat. Here is is January of 2011. At this point he had perfected his climbing skills and was tackling higher surfaces, like the breakfast bar. He tended to get stuck under the ledge when the chairs were pushed in which was hilarious. He was just generally mischievous.

And lastly, January 2012. Here he is riding his trike around the block in the ridiculously warm Texas "winter."
A Time I Had

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