Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You Just Can't See Our Capes

Go Mommies!
Screw superheroes. Mommies are the ones with the super powers. I never knew how amazing my own mommy was until I had a kid. Now to the rest of those moms out there, you are not human and that is cool.

I have a friend who drove through a foot of unplowed snow and had to carry and walk her two young boys through two parking lots to get to where they were going. Move over Superman.

I have another amazing friend who, even though she is 6 months pregnant and already having contractions, offered to come bring us anything we needed when we got sick. Eat your heart out Batman.

Yet another mom I know does everything her poopy husband won't and she rarely complains about anything. She took Link for me once because D was deployed and I was sick. She is constantly willing to do things for others even when she is having a rough day. She gets up with her little girl in the middle of the night and cleans up puke while her hubby snoozes away. Are you taking notes, Spiderman?

Another friend of mine cleaned poop out of her kid's armpit and is still alive. Hey Captain America, how 'bout them apples?

Today my entire household is sick. Link has been throwing up for about 3 days and D is now forbidden to go to work. We have the plague. D keeps telling me he has no energy and I understand because I feel exactly the same way. Yet, despite that fact I call on the forces of the mommy powers and have managed to do the dishes, clean up some of the house (because what is worse than feeling like crap and living in it?!) and take care of two sick and pathetic boys. When we asked Link today if it was nap time he replied (no joking, this really happened) "No. It's energy time." This is what I imagine "energy time" looks like. This was actually the day after he puked 5 times. This was the 2 puke day.

Yeah. So after energy time I put him down for a nap and D went to take one as well. I love this moment in time... or at least I would have in a perfect world. I went in to take a nap as well (in a separate room so as not to disturb my poor hubby). After about half an hour of Link napping (and me not having fallen asleep yet) he starts crying for Mommy.

Being a mommy means even though you have the plague you will go into your kid's room and let them lay on you because it means that, even though you will not sleep at all like you need to, your baby is comfy and getting much needed rest.

Being a Mommy means taking care of yourself just enough so that you can take care of them because when your kid escaped your womb you were blessed (and cursed) with some sort of super powers that you, and everyone else, will never understand.

I expect my cape in the mail in 3-5 days.

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