Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our New Calendar

I think I'm Crafty
Every once in a while I have a good idea. Last year it was to make my own advent calendar. I always loved the advent calendar my parents had where you move a little mouse to the numbered pocket and find a surprise inside. I couldn't seem to find anything similar that I could purchase so I came up with my own. Last year I hit clearance Christmas sales and collected a bunch of different mini stockings. I made a tie "blanket" for the backing, handpainted some little wooden circle tiles I picked up from Hobby Lobby with acrylic paint for the numbers and the "December" heading and added a dowel rod with black and silver ribbon to hang it. I then looked around for a little "mouse mover" to move from stocking to stocking so you could see how many days were left until Christmas. I ended up snagging a cute little Pez penguin that I was confident would stay inside the stocking but not be too big. I am quite pleased with the end product and it adds a lot to the decor of the whole room. Go me!

A Time I Had

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