Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Week of December

Another month down
It seems to me like the months have been flying by this year... even though some days crawl. Like snails. Those are usually they days that begin with "Mommy, let's go downstairs. Mommy, you're not gonna take a shower. Mommy you're NOT gonna brush your teeth. No Mommy, don't dry your hair. Mommy, don't do that. Mommy I want breakfast. I need breeeeeeaaaaakfast." and continue with the same sort of whiny demands. Luckily those "I am so very two" days aren't constant!

We've been having a lot of fun recently doing all kinds of themed crafts, lots of coloring, etc. So it's time for my monthly look back at the worm.

The first week in December the year he was born- 2009
This was the first picture I took that you could actually see his two first little teeth. By this time we were so sick of bibs and had just given up hope that we would ever see an actual outfit! He was a boatload of trouble with his moving around and temper tantrums when he couldn't get something just out of his reach. Of course he was sweet but if he was mad he let you know. This kid could seriously cry because he was ticked about not reaching a ball for 10 minutes straight without a breath! Oh yeah, did I ever mention he was a breath holding crier!? He always demonstrated that very well at the doctor.

Here's the Inky the first week in December 2010:This may have been around the time when I really tried using the pantry door lock. One of his favorite pastimes always was emptying the contents of the pantry and rearranging condiments in the refrigerator. The above is him with pantry contraband. Last year he was also very into Christmas lights, called the live reindeer at the tree lighting "Bow Bow" (what he called Bowser at the time), discovered his new love of sugar cookies and loved shuffling around in the snow.

This year 2011:Every morning he gets up, plugs in the stairwell xmas lights and the treelights. He's obsessed with coloring, drawing and writing. He gets super squeaky and says "Awwwww, he's so cute. I love him" when he sees Baz. He loves glue, scissors and pipe-cleaners which he refers to as "dangerous snakes." He frequently puts on rock concerts with his guitar and likes to jam with his Grandpa over video chat. His Disney Cars obsession has reached critical mass and we are doing nothing to stop it! Aaaaand he's two. 'Nuff said!

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