Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Time for the Positive

Poor Me
So it's incredibly easy to fall into the "poor me" attitude these days. I'm crazy with pregnancy hormones, my sleep is AWFUL, D is deployed, my kid is solar powered and doesn't take naps, my HOA continually comes up with a new problem that I need to fix, and then there is just the every day stuff.

I realized the other day that these are just excuses for me to feel sorry for myself. This is completely unacceptable. There is no reason for me to spiral down into the "poor me I have it so bad" frame of mind.

So here's the thing:
1. Pregnancy hormones just mean that I'm normal. My sweet baby girl is growing and kicking me constantly. Link thinks it's the greatest thing ever. Two growing healthy kids. This is a great thing. Yes, I'm crazy. But at least everyone is healthy.

2. My sleep is awful. But I have a bed to sleep in. I have the ability to sleep sometimes. My kid sleeps through the night. We are safe.

3. D is deployed. But every time he is away I have a chance to reassess. It makes me appreciate when he is here even more. I often see my friends bickering with their spouses. And I remember how I tend to take D for granted when he is here. I've been reading a book and a part of it is "There is only love." Because seriously, the little things don't matter. The broken printer, the kid breaking a toy, the dog getting into the trash, the food not all ready at the same time. There is only love. That's all that's going to matter 20 years from now. All the little crap that we fight over will be forgotten and if I don't treat D like there is only love then I better not expect the same in return.
With him gone I am also able to appreciate how independent and strong I still am on my own. Yes, I rely on my friends and family for some support but I do not have to run "home" to live with my parents while D is gone because I'm scared of being alone with my kid and my house and all the adult responsibilities that come with that. It gives me a lot of self confidence (even when I am heaping on the ground with my hormones crying the my HOA is mean!)

4. My kid is solar powered and doesn't take naps. And he's AMAZING. I have never met a child with more energy and enthusiasm for life. He's sassy and opinionated, yes. But he never quits going and he always wants to hang out with me. That's pretty badass. And with no nap schedule to work around, we can get things done during the day and go do other fun things.

5. My HOA. I can't think of many positive things to say because I still am not seeing where all our money goes to "improve" our neighborhood. And the things they are bugging me about I doubt anyone even notices except their little patrol or their old person spy living down the street. BUT it does remind me that it's good to be here because if I had run back to my parents I wouldn't be taking care of these things and we would most likely be fined. That's all I have on that one though. They have kind of been unhelpful pains in my asses. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So BOOYAH!

6. The every day stuff. I have just begun implementing the "one minute rule." Following this room I will not put off doing anything that takes less than a minute. Like taking a can to the garage to be recycled, filing a paid bill, putting dirty clothes in the hamper, putting a dish in the dishwasher etc. This keeps the clutter from piling up and me from getting overwhelmed. Menu planning helps as well.

So there it is. This isn't a very entertaining post but I needed to write it for me so I can stay positive. Plus, it's my blog and I do what I want.

A Time I Had

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