Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sugar Crash

Today was the dreaded glucose test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes. They've changed a few things since the last time I was pregnant. It's not a 2 hour long process involving three seperate blood draws and the same old nasty drink.

Let me describe to you my experience in googled pictures.

My initial blood draw:
Google search: happy dance (most painless blood draw I've ever experienced!)

 How Fetus reacted to me drinking the nasty high sugar drink they make you drink:

Google search: Cracked out ferret

The hour in between my first and second blood draw:
Google search: relaxed (it was nice to have some time to just sit and zone out)

The second blood draw:
Google search: vampire bite on arm (not as painless as the first draw)

What I imagined in my head that the lady doing the second draw looked like:
google search: dragon with a sword (she hurt me!)

The hour in between my second and third blood draw:
google search: super bored (I was starting to feel sick from the drink and I couldn't focus on my book)

How I felt after it was over:
google search: sugar crash (I felt ill. And tired. And like I hadn't eaten anything in a while except for a ton of sugar. Gross!)

How I felt after I stopped feeling sick:
google search: hungry fat kid. (I was starving after no breakfast!) 

The third blood draw was brutal. I have small veins and they tend to move once there is a needle already in them. The third draw ended up with one needle being taken out and thrown away because it hurt so bad when it came out of the vein. I'll have some beautiful bruises there.

Anyway pregnancy is just so fun I could vomit (I almost did after that drink!) But hopefully not too much more blood tests and such as long as they can get my vitamin D levels under control. Maybe I'm just having withdrawals because he's deployed! HAHA. Yes, bad joke. I'll leave you with that. You're welcome.

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