Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Girls Like Star Wars Too

The Epic Nerd Saga Continues...
So when D and I found out we were having another spawn, something we immediately agreed on is that, no matter the gender, the baby room would be Star Wars themed. Everyone wanted us to have a girl...including D and Link. I would have been fine with another boy. Why? I'll give you a few reasons:
1. No teenage girl drama. I was a teenage girl. I don't want one of those in my house. They are awful. (Sorry Mom and Dad!)
2. Public restrooms. Do you know how easy it is to take a potty trained little boy to the bathroom out in public? It's awesome...unless they need to drop a deuce.
3. Star Wars themed room would be SO easy.

Aaaand we are having a girl so I wanted to make it apparent that it was a little girls room while still keeping it Star Warsy.

So here is my best attempt.

The big picture
I printed out some cool looking Star Wars vehicles prints. Sorry to those who I make mad with this but if you are selling art prints on Etsy, I would go ahead and watermark them. Because instead of paying a butt ton of money, I "saved as" and printed from my computer. Then I headed to Michaels where I found some nice clearance frames (11x14 size. 6 of them for $12) and bought some white mats that I painted pink with acrylic paint since they had no pink ones to straight up purchase. Bam. Cute, badass, and girly and they take up a good part of one of the walls.

Yes, you need to know your Star Wars vehicles at an early age!
-I also bought an 11x14 canvas and printed out a cute little silhouette of a tiny girl walking an AT-AT walker. One of my favorite images out there. I traced it onto the canvas and did a quick acrylic painting. Super easy.
Isn't she cute?!

-The hoop decorations were more time consuming. I used quilting hoops as frames and flannel fabric on the inside. Printed out a few cute images I could find with google (and possibly Etsy and Deviant Art... I can't remember where they came from. They might have been images on onesies!) and put these together. The I added a bit of detail with a black sharpie. No joke. Super easy. Way inexpensive and pretty cute. I did this same thing with jungle animals for Link's nursery 4.5 years ago!

R2-D2, Yoda, and Princess Leia have never been so cute!
 -The mobile! Unless you want to pay $80 for a mobile then you gotta make your own. Granted making this was not cheap because I purchased the plushies from Thinkgeek but the cool thing is that once the mobile is done with, I cut a couple strings on top of the plushies and they are simply stuffed animals for either Fetus or Link! Win. I bought a ladybug mobile for $5 off a facebook swapmeet page. Cut the ladybugs off, added a small thread hoop to each plush and attached them all with black ribbons. Took a lot less time than I thought it would.
Top view

Baby view!
The finishing touches were to replace our comforter in there so it was gray (and reverses to black) and get some new pilowcases. The giant AT-AT walker helps too. I also grabbed a vinyl wall decal Yoda quote that I think adds a lot to the room. It definitely popped more once I put it up. I think I might have even put it on there straight! I'm sure there will be a few more things to go in there, including a print I hope to get made or order that will be personalized similar to this:

 So there it is. Link has a video game room and Fetus now has a Star Wars room. It's been fun creating it because Link is just as excited. 1. He's getting a baby sister. 2. Her room is Star Wars and he loves Star Wars! And then of course they will share the pacman bathroom. I love all three of these rooms because I have basically created most of the things in them. (with the exception of the AMAZING paintings my friend Nicki did for Link's room. I know that starting them so nerdy so young will almost guarantee that we have a football player and a cheerleader but whatever. At least they will be well rounded!

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