Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Baby is 3!!

The Beginning
Three years ago my impatient little firecracker tried to kill me. Seriously. They had to bring in the "special doctor" to patch me up and then they put two units of blood back in me so I didn't bleed to death. After spending a whole three hours in labor I then got to spend almost a week in the hospital before they sent me home with the official diagnosis of "we don't know what the hell is wrong with you" accompanied by a prescription of "maybe your own house will make you feel better" (along with some awesome painkillers... they didn't completely leave me hangin'!)

And Time Goes On
That was three years ago .Two years ago I spent my sweet boy's one year birthday with my parents as Dan was gone. One year ago we celebrated with D and our friends while a few weeks before he had gotten his first black eye. I was now trying to keep him from killing himself! Now he is turning 3 and I'm pretty sure his goal in life is to give me daily heart attacks and do the most dangerous things he can think of. One of his favorite things to do in the morning is to yell "Mommy" at the top of the stairs and then throw himself at me like a crazy flying squirrel while I am several steps down. We have a lot of stairs. So he has taken his initial birth day of trying to kill me, combined it with his second birthday of trying to kill himself and is now trying to do us both in. I suppose I'm OK with this. It makes life interesting and he keeps me on my toes. We even managed to keep him out of the ER for the entire year of him being 2. I'm sure 3 will be another story. I can see it in his eyes.

He has yet to have his 3 year check up but I already know that he hasn't quite hit 30 pounds yet as many of his peers have (and surpassed). He's a tall skinny little shit with a big fat head. This basically means he's a smart little bugger and he can get into many things. Again, I am fine with this.
He blows me away with his language skills. I know I'm around him all the time so it's easy for me to understand him but I am constantly being told how well he speaks (especially for a boy) and he is often mistaken for older than he actually is when he opens his mouth. This is upsetting since I'd like for him to seem younger to avoid paying for things now! I loved when everywhere we went he was free because he was 2 and under. You can only fake that for so long... especially when he is up in someone's face basically reading a thesis to them about whatever his favorite thing of the moment happens to be.

Year in Review and Current Status
-He is a Super Mario junkie. He loves cars, trains, transportation of any sort.
-He has an intense fascination when it comes to cats. He squeaks like there is nothing else in the world as wonderful as felines.
-Lovey is still his favorite thing. Thank God that thing survived him being two. We had some traumatic experiences such as Lovey bath time and the time Lovey got lost though.
-He went through two moves. Once from Alaska to Texas and then again from Texas to Las Vegas and he adjusted quite well which was a relief.
-He loves making new friends and hops right in these days. He used to be so shy and now I barely exist if his little friends are around. His self-confidence has sky rocketed which makes me so proud. I always knew he was awesome and now he knows it too!
-I'm not even going to mention his climbing skills as I think I have adequately covered that in the past. I will comment on how annoying it is that he grew taller and long ago figured out how to move things to climb onto other things easier. No candy is safe ANYWHERE unless behind lock and key.
-He still loves peas.
-He hates pizza. He will now gag if you make him eat it.
-He's a fruit bat. Name a fruit, he eats it.
-Mac & cheese is his go-to food much to my dismay.
-He loves his food spicy. Most kids don't know what sriracha is. My kid eats it in his eggs for breakfast and he loves spicy hot wings.
-He loves re-enacting scenes from movies with toys.
-He NEVER shuts up. Ever. Seriously. He even talks in his sleep.
-He is more likely to eat something if I let him help me make it and he LOVES to cook and bake with me.
-He loves to hand me things, mainly bugs and boogers. So glad I had a boy.
-He regularly has some sort of cut, bump, brush or gash on his head or face. At least one weekly due to his curiosity and lack of fear.
-He can write his name and knows all his letters and many of his numbers.
-He counts in English and Japanese.
-He has a really impressive throw. He chucked a wiffle ball at me, it hit my leg and it stung! This was not an up close throw. He threw the thing from half way across the yard!
-He loves all sports and really enjoys playing teeball in the yard. He can hit a ball all the way across the yard while on a tee or if someone pitches it to him.
-He loves to pout on the floor! (I don't want anyone thinking he's too awesome!)
-He's a little sassy pants for sure. He likes to tell me "No, Mommy don't say that" when I threaten him with time out or ask him not to do something.
-He loves books. We always read him at least two books at night. He would sit there and let us read his entire book library to him if we'd do it. It would take us all night.
-He loves to pet our faces and say "I like you. I just love you!" as he's going to bed. Silly boy.

I could go on and on about all the details (I kind of already have) but I'll just say that all the blood loss, all the pain, the days in the hospital and almost two months to make a full recovery after I had the little monster were completely worth it. He began as a pain in the ass and he still is one but not a day goes by that he doesn't make me smile. Many days he makes me want to pull my hair out and scream but still manages to make me laugh. He's dramatic. He's moody. He's fun. He's daring. He's cute. He's frustrating. He's fearless. He's loving. He's kind. He's kind of a butt. He's independent. He's well behaved. He's a monster. He's creative. He's smart. He's weird. He's crazy. He's trouble. But most of all he is LOVED. And now he's 3!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet little Inky Worm! The silliest little goose I know!

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Lorrinda said...

Your wonderful little Inky worm kind of reminds me of my wonderful little Holly. Have fun with your baby today!