Monday, April 2, 2012

Nap Time, Please

The End of Sanity
Now I know I am in the minority amongst my friends but I still have a kid that naps... sometimes. While most of the kids his age that I know gave up the treasured nap on or shortly after their second birthday, Link has pretty consistently napped well past that. With his third birthday fast approaching he has decided to join his peers. In the last two-three months or so my spawn has been giving me two naps a week at most. Most of the time I throw him in his room and hear construction noises come from it shortly after. That's fine I suppose. I still get some Mommy time and he has to at least settle down for a bit (a tiny rest from his regular Tasmanian Devil routine). I would be completely fine with this, except...

Why My Almost-3 year old Still Needs a Nap:
When he is permitted to come out of his room and resume his tornado antics again he is usually fine... for a little while. I have noticed, however, that he is more likely to flip the f*** out at the slightest thing. Today it was drawing on his white board. We were practicing writing letters. He wrote his name a few times and after finally writing an "N" instead of an "M" we moved on. He asked to write Mommy's name so I wrote it on the board from him to copy. Aside from wanting to write it backwards he did a really great job and not only was I proud of him but he was proud of himself. Applause and pride everywhere! Then he asked to write Daddy's name. I wrote D's name on the board for him to copy. He immediately says to me "I want to draw an 'H.'" I tell him there is no H in Daddy's name. He gives me a super sad look. I tell him I'm sorry but I don't control these things. I suppose perhaps D's parents are to blame for this and he should really take up the issue with Meema and Peepa. So I tell him "Well we can try to draw the D, OK?" He agrees and then proceeds to draw the PERFECT little kid D. Seriously. I was even more impressed with the damn thing than I was with his H. Except it wasn't as perfect as he wanted it to be, apparently, because he lost his damn mind. Tears began flowing down his face, he threw the marker at the board and began screaming "That's not it! That's not a good D!" like tiny demons were protruding from the whiteboard and would surely devour him if we didn't fix it. I have no clue what his problem was. The little weirdo can draw an N that looks like an M and be happy with it but the near-perfect D was not up to his standards. This was surely the work of the devil. Anyway he got a time out because I have repeatedly told him not to throw toys when he freaks out. Freak outs are fine and kind of regular but when you start chucking crap at things and/or people, you may take your little cheeks over to time out. He then threw a fit of grand proportions. Like any good mom, I took a picture of it.

And this is why my kid still needs a nap every day.

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