Friday, August 12, 2011

The Sane and Insane to My Insane and Sane

Suck it up!
I have been bitching a lot via facebook statuses about how burnt out I am lately. Most of it is just me being a whiny baby. For instance, I tend to whine when the following things happen:
-I don't get enough sleep
-I get slobbered on by a dog
-I get peed on by a little boy who thinks aiming a stream at mommy is hilarious
-I get viciously attacked by a scary little lizard (or looked at by one!)
-I have to make three meals a day by myself without any input ("cookies and chips" is not valid input... at least not always)

But despite my recent complaining I know I still have things pretty good. After all, my mom was here for a week and that visit was awesome, I have an upcoming visit to Blue Springs to see the the inlaws and D should be home fairly soon after we return from that trip. When I find myself starting to lose my cool I just need to remember what amazing guys I have in my life. Obviously my dad, my father in law, my grandpa, my twin, my big bro and all the other guys in my life deserve a shout out. This particular post I have to dedicate to my best friend and my sidekick: Dan and Link, without whom I would be lost (and maybe a bit more sane? Yeah, probably not.) D is currently at training and kicking some serious ass. I'm so proud of him. And while the "three day method" wasn't the magic trick I naively hoped it might be, Link's potty training success is something many parents work months to achieve. He is not all the way there and sometimes he pees on the floor just because he can. I can tell my the look on his face and the way he giggles at me when he does it. Despite that, he is doing as well as I can hope and we will get all the way there at some point. I am proud of him, nonetheless. So here's an ode to my two favorite guys.

I love them with all my heart and right now I just need to remember that because the tiny one refuses to nap and just keeps messing around babbling about a tooth fairy castle and how his train needs to go up the hill, down the hill and through the tunnel. I fear if I cook him up for dinner now that Dan won't be too happy with me! :-P

...but if anyone happens to find a good recipe for toddler casserole, send it my way.


Kelly S said...

Everyone has times where they feel overwhelmed but it's good to count your blessings too. Love the pic with you guys and the guitar!

Michelle said...

Whine away; you will get no judgement from me. The 3 day method helped get Liam into underwear but does not keep those underwear dry. ;-) One day at a time. ((((((hugs)))))