Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to make sure your kid's a nerd

It's no secret that D and I are, and pride ourselves in being, big fat nerds (without literally being big and fat). With that said we are doing as much as possible to ensure Link follows closely behind in our nerdy footsteps. In case you are wondering how such a thing is done I have put together a check list of steps to follow. Enjoy.

First thing's first:
-Name your kid after a video game character.
I can't imagine that anyone who reads this blog hasn't heard the story of how we named Link but just in case, no, Link is not short for anything. We pulled it from t
he video game Legend of Zelda. It's awesome. It's nerdy. It's fairly unique and we love it.

-Make sure they are properly geared. Just because they are only level 1 doesn't mean they have to settle for gray items. Hook them up
with some superior blue or epic purples (WoW reference for my non-nerdy friends).

Last Halloween by good friend Caitlin made Link an awesome moogle costume (Final Fantasy character). No one knew what he was but he was deliciously nerdy and incredibly adorable. Gear is everything!

-Make sure they know Mommy and Daddy are proud to be nerds.Yes, that's a tat of a triforce with the master sword with holly around it (guess why!? hehe) and Link's name in the courage triangle. I'm a big fat nerd who loves my kid. I'm also a big fat nerd who advises against getting a freaking sword tattooed down your spine. Holy crap that hurt.

-Get them started early. You are never too young to know how to click a mouse, play a DS or hold a PS3 controller.
The bathroom is a good place to start. Potty training and nerd training at the same time.

Link could totally pull off being a paladin in WoW. All they really do is button mash and remain the most powerful class no matter what they do anyway. Youngest WoW gamer ever???

-Teach them to count with a D20
Our kid literally learned his numbers looking at dice you would use to play D&D or other RP games. How 'bout them apples!

-Teach them WWMD (what would Miyamoto do?) I think he'd celebrate in style.

Link's first birthday was somewhat Legend of Zelda themed. The Link character on the counter is made out of mini cupcakes. He also had a triforce smash cake.

-Decorate accordingly:Thanks to boredom I sewed up the question block, fire flower and mushroom pillows and my mom made that amazing pixelated Mario quilt. It's easy being a nerd when you have creative family to help you.
Pacman idea from D executed by me. Pretty easy.
His room has hand drawn video game characters done by me and amazing canvas paintings done by my friend Nicky.

His bathroom is Pacman adorned. A hand painted arcade screen shower curtain (which I show you how to make here), paintings and the rest of the accessories are also hand painted... some day before he moves out the latch hook rug will be done too.

This bad boy resides in our little nerds play room. Glass design done by me. Refinished, stained, coats of resin by D.

-Equip them with the correct weapons

(I know a certain plumber who rescues princesses. A toilet brush is close enough to a plunger.)

-Teach him to defend himself if he gets picked on and remind him that the nerds always do best once high school is over and the real world hits!

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