Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A week in July

 Yes I know it's September and I am just now getting to my July post but whatever. Life happens.
So here  you have it.

My little munchkin in July of 2009 at just 3 months old:
One of my most favorite things about him when he was this small was his awesomely rad hair. This kid came out with a full head of it and even though everyone told us he would most likely lose it, he never did and we ended up giving him his first haircut a month later after returning from a trip to see family. Check out those beautiful eyes of his that look just like another handsome man I happen to know!

The tiny goomba July 2010:
This pic was taken when we went fishing with some friends up in Alaska. We spent most of our time trying to keep him from diving into that water. He was quite a helper though. He seemed very interested in helping us grab some cold beers from the cooler. Like I said, very helpful!

July 2011:
 This was at the park across the street from the house I grew up in. We took several "back home" trips last summer. One to my parents and on to D's. Link loved playing at the park with Grandpa. He was really getting into playing outside since we moved and were able to do more of said activities!

July 2012:
 I was trying to find a decent pic of my little dude alone in July but apparently we were so busy and had so much fun that there was no time for solo picture taking. We are really warming to Vegas and there is a lot to do here. Nothing like I expected and we're pleasantly surprised. We took Link to The Tournament of Kings and he LOVED it. He's very into these kinds of things now. He loves good guy/bad guy type stories and situations. Loves Star Wars, Legend of Zelda (anyone surprised!?) and anything that involved a sword... much to my dismay. 

A Time I Had

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