Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Week in August

 Here we go. Two months in one! I am finally bringing you August as well! It seems that the last month or two happened to just slip by without me even noticing. You will see one of the reasons it got so crazy when you see Link's 2012 August pic. My baby isn't really a baby anymore.

August 2009:

I have always loved this picture of my sweet little 4 month(at least almost 4 months) old. We had just gotten his bouncer for him because every time you held him he wanted to be standing. If you are a parent you know a bouncing child who wants to stand gets old. The bouncer was the best. It also provided much needed entertainment. On more than one occasion he fell asleep in this contraption. The thing about it is that is makes noise when it moves. So he would twitch a bit, it would sing and he would wake up, bob his head and fall asleep again. This went on for about ten minutes and when we could finally breathe again from laughing so hard we got him out and put him to sleep for real.

August 2010:

An amazing day at the park in Alaska. Since he had been trying to climb on everything since before he could crawl he loved the park. He ran up and down the hills and was all over that playground equipment. This was probably the beginning of the other moms looking at me like I was the devil because my kid was a daredevil climber and actually knew what he was doing. Unfortunately this did not earn us points on the playground since the other one year old were flopping around in the sand like wounded jellyfish. 

August 2011:
 Feeding baby goats. This is when I realized that my child was A LOT like me. He's squeeky, weird and dramatic. I love it.

August 2012:
Link started preschool this year! He's going to a school called Challenger and I can brag about it on here because reading my blog is optional! The school is kind of intense but they believe that kids this young can learn a lot (which I completely agree with... and why I have to watch everything I say and do around him). The kindergartners at this school are already reading chapter books and able to do book reports! It's only been a few weeks but I can already see a major improvement with him. His main issue is more group participation. He gets a little shy when all attention is focused on him and he doesn't like talking in front of a group. I hate public speaking too and quite frankly sing alongs kind of weird me out. I have been trying to be better about that though in front of him to show him there's nothing to be afraid or embarrassed about. I was really shy when I was a kid. I actually had someone tell me a few weeks ago that they can't ever imagine me being shy. This is weird for me as I still feel I am pretty shy in certain situations. I want Link to be more comfortable around people though and know that it's awesome to be yourself and talk about it! I think Challenger will help him with this as well. I have no concerns when it comes to the subjects they are teaching him. I think he will excel in these areas. I am just really hoping he learns more participation and social graces while in the company of kids his age as well as the teachers.

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