Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Week in June

Now that it's July I'll get on my Week in June picture post of my demon spawn!

Here's the goose in June 2009. He was 2 months old.  

Once upon a time my little one was tiny, sweet, and semi-quiet! He was a real life baby that I got to dress up, snuggle and wipe poop off of!

June 2010:
 This is about the time I realized how much trouble he was going to be. This was also the month he took a dive off of a pallet cart in Lowes onto the concrete floor and received his first (of many) significant head injury.. a gigantic goose egg right on his forehead.

June 2011:

 This was right when we moved away from the happiest place on earth (Alaska) to the sweltering nasty they call Texas. He loved all the playgrounds but instead of it being too cold to go it was slightly too hot. We still had a lot of fun there anyway... for the short amount of time we were there.

June 2012:

 Our friend Jackie brought her motorcycle over when she joined us for dinner and let Link inspect it. He thought it was awesome because well, it was. He's currently an obnoxious little creature who has perfected his whining, his high pitched scream, his punching people, his ignoring skills, his ability to get into EVERYTHING, and his resourcefulness. He's also a lot taller than he used to be which makes his more capable of those last two things. Simply put, he's 3. 3 is way worse than 2. I hope we make it through the year with minimal damage to body and mind! I should also add that he walks around everywhere singing the Darth Vader song like it's his theme song. I'm pretty sure he's evil. 

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