Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Week in May

Another Month Down
I have been seriously slacking on updates but I will keep up on my monthly picture update. Hopefully I will be able to get a few posts up here sometime soon.

This is Link a month or so after he was born in 2009:
He was my sweet tiny innocent little worm who slept most of the day, cried like a little goat and made everyone around him smile.

This is Link May of 2010:

He was still pretty tiny, had just turned 1 and was basically running everywhere he could. He was incredibly unstable and clumsy but loved exploring everything. He was very curious and enjoyed taking lots of walks and hikes with mommy and daddy even though daddy didn't return home until the first part of June. 
This is Link in May of 2011:

We were very busy preparing for our upcoming move and my little one was having to say goodbye to all his best friends. It was definitely hard since he had known some of them since the day he was born. He loved to play with EVERYTHING that mommy and daddy used (phones, computers, remotes, cameras, electronics that are easily broken by little 2 year old hands!)

This is Link this year May 2012:

My sweet baby is far from anything resembling a baby anymore. He loves to play outside and we have both managed tans since we spend the majority of our days outside whether it be the back yard, parks, walks, etc. He's very helpful, loves planting and growing things, and is incredibly creative and imaginative (apparently I am a "scooty booty chicken puff.") He impresses me everyday with how smart and resourceful he is. What happened to my baby!?

A Time I Had

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