Monday, May 21, 2012


Our Baby Bazzy

When I was a junior in college I fell in love with a fuzzy little spitfire. I found out his name was originally "Wimpy" but as I soon learned, this did not fit him AT ALL. I renamed him Bazil (aka Baz, Bazzy, Bazzyhawk) and he became a big part of my life. He was my very first baby. Unfortunately he passed away on the evening of May 13th (a very shitty Mother's Day occurrence indeed). We are pretty sure he went in his sleep. We expected it but you are never ready to lose a part of your family. He was old (10) which is surprising. He had adrenal disease and dilated cario myopathy and about 4 years ago our vet told us he might have a year at most. Baz responded very well to meds and we were able to manage his conditions wonderfully and he was as lively as ever. He began slowing down a while ago so we knew he didn't have much longer but we were lucky to have as much time as we did with him.  There is no way I can recount all my amazing memories of him and I'm not going to attempt such a hefty task because many would be left out.

My sweet little ferret:
Had a big fat sweet tooth. The first time I discovered this was when I had a big bag of twizzlers. I knew he loved to haul them back and forth from the couch to the loveseat and back again but it wasn't until later that I realized he was chowin' down on them too. He loved raisins, reeses and snickers most and hated anything chicken, meat or peanut butter flavored which most ferrets love. He was a rebel.

Was a T.R.O.U.B.LE. maker. This is not uncommmon with ferrets and I knew that when I brought him home. He loved to crawl into purses, bags, luggage, etc. He always managed to find things like TUMS and would nom on them. He also just liked to empty the contents of your bag.

He loved to ruin carpet. I will never forget the time I came home from one of my night classes and he had escaped his cage and went to town on the carpet by my bedroom door. Luckily I lived alone and my apartment was a craphole anyway!

Which brings me to the fact that... he was a master escape artist. Shortly after making him a part of my family I had to install a combination lock on the front door of his cage and make sure something heavy was on the top door, otherwise he would escape and raid the house.

He loves to crawl into spaces that made it impossible to retrieve him. Screw baby proof, you want to make sure your house is EXTRA safe? Try to make it ferret proof! Baz was into everything all the time.

He had so much energy and loved to play. He especially loved a little toy we had for him that had a ball and feather type thing at the end of it. He would catch it, squish it, and drag it away to finish the job! He also loved his scratching post and when we had his buddy, Quentin, the two of them would chase each other around for hours. In and out of things, over shoes, in shoes, over and under the couch.

He loved his buddy Quentin that we added to our family less than a year after getting Baz. Unfortunately Quentin passed away before his time but while he was with us the two of them were best friends. They shared a hammock and were always snuggling. Baz was not as friendly with Bowser since Bowser has roughly 70 pounds on him and it would have been a slight risk to have them play but they were friendly. There were a few times Baz escaped and was escorted around the house by Bowser.

These are all just little things about the one, the only, magnificent Baz! The only thing anyone really needs to know about Baz is that he was a part of my family and he was loved beyond all reason! He still is very loved and he will be greatly missed.

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Lorrinda said...

Rest in peace Baz.You'll be missed.