Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You Can't Sit With Us

I will admit that I was probably as dramatic as any teenager when I went through high school. Self centered, oblivious, a tad bit rude and melodramatic. It seems to be a common thing. And why wouldn't it be? Hormones, hormones, hormones, trying to figure out the world, OH THE HUMANITY! Luckily that doesn't last forever... at least for some people.

I love the way I used to view adults. They have things figured out. They are mature and not like any of the above things I described teens as being. Now that I am officially labeled an adult I see that you cannot escape these things. I may be out of high school but I have yet to get away from the drama. In fact, I don't even remember high school being this dramatic and I think I know why. In high school, it's pretty easy to fit people into general categories. You've got all your pronounced stereotypes and they usually stick together. I happened to be in the "yearbook nerd, friendly, by no means popular, maybe you want to stay away" crowd (if that's a thing). Luckily I wasn't "popular" which I believe reduced my drama intake significantly. Once you leave that social setting, get past college and out into the "real world," you no longer have those pronounced groups. They are all jumbled together in a great big mess of "choose your friends wisely because 50% of the population is batshit crazy in a bad way."

I have encountered my fair share of absolute insane people who I will never understand. Their actions left me speechless, their personalities and words made me sad for the human race. After accepting that there are people who are so incredibly ugly on the inside, I was also able to move on and not be so invested in those who are quite obviously toxic. After all, I have two little spawn who depend on my for everything. Why waste my time with people who are still self-centered jackholes? It's too exhausting.

With all that said, I find that parents are sometimes the worst kind of crazy. Fairly recently I found myself in a situation where I thought to myself "is this really happening right now?" One of my biggest pet peeves is people bragging about how they are bad parents. OK, sometimes I joke that I'm a terrible mom because my kids watched too much TV or they are eating candy or trying some death defying move (that I have previously supervised and know they are capable of). But I was with some moms who were bragging to me that they curse in front of their children all the time and how it's so bad and they don't even care. Look, what you do as a parent is really none of my business and I am not here to judge you. Parenting is hard and you are going to repeatedly screw up. But when you call your kid over to tell me in front of my two year old who is learning her entire vocabulary at the moment that you curse all the time and then you reply with "F*** yeah I do," that's off putting to me. It just is. I have no issue with a potty mouth. I have a hard time not being one when I am away from my kids. But for now, I don't want my children choosing those words. (Ok I'm not perfect. When tiny girl says millennium falcon it's like she's dropping the F bomb and I giggle). But to hear a toddler or elementary school kid choose those particular words and mean them because of what they have heard at home just isn't my cup of tea. When I voiced this I was made fun of. My family is "too white" to "be bad." I'm so sweet and don't like to have fun.
I have to be honest. If these things had been said a few years ago I may have second guessed what I was doing and played along with them to the detriment of my children. But these small people are my whole world and I don't care if these ladies are my BFFS. I have a BFF. I married him. I'm OK if you don't agree with me and I don't agree with you. I'm totally fine if you think I'm lame for not spouting all the bad words I know in front of my very intelligent son who has amazing grammar and my sweet little daughter who can't properly pronounce "falcon" or "reflection." Because at the end of the day the majority of my time is spent with three very important people and they are really the only opinions who will always matter to me on things like this. And in 10 years, the chances that I even remember these people and their ridicule are very slim. 
So I guess the point of this post was just for me to ramble about the crazy "adults" I've met and the progress I've made in not needing to "fit in." Five gold stars and a self pat on the back. Woohoo. 

Oh and because I rarely post on facebook anymore and I'm sure there is some family who are craving  some pictures, I give you these gems:

L would be the laziest dog ever. 

Cuteness survival tactics

Small boy getting into drawing when I
was doodling in my sketch book

Family video gaming

A Time I Had


Lorrinda said...

Good for you! and has anyone mentioned that your daughter looks just like you did at that age?

Holly said...

I would love to recreate some of the pictures of me using her. I'm noticing it more and more!