Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Law of Deployment

Yet again I know I don't post much but maybe this will help me.
For those that most likely read this you know D has deployed. For those of you who don't know the "Law of Deployment" it's basically just Murphy's Law.

So instead of letting the pregnancy hormones get the best of me (which I have been doing involves a lot of overdramatic crying in a pillow) I have decided to blog about how ridiculous all the things that have gone wrong are. That and things I have just plain come to accept as normal that might not be under normal circumstances.

So here's a list of things that have gone missing (that I have noticed) since D left:
-the deshedding dog brush. Of course this has gone missing because I just vacuumed.
-Link's nail clippers. My goose is now a sharp nailed kitten.
-The whisk attachment to my hand mixer.
-Most of my sanity. Seriously, can't find it anywhere.

Here's a list of things that have broken since D left:
-Our address light and doorbell
-My brand new expensive cell phone
-Our printer (which is bad for a club secretary)
-My sweet little Inky's heart. Tonight he told me that he has a flight suit in his closet and maybe if he wears it he can go fly the plane with Daddy. I sobbed when I left his room.

A list of things I have come to accept since D left:
-Link's happy birthday banner will never be taken down. It is now a part of our home decor.
-We live out of a laundry basket
-My evergrowing collection of cups will grow and grow til there are none left downstairs because D is not here to make fun of me for it. (right now there are only 4 on my headboard... yes, I'm just protecting from alien invasion. Have we not seen Signs?!)
-Just as I am falling asleep every night my guard dog will bark to warn me that a leaf blew outside somewhere
-I will most likely have to chase the dog down after someone lets him out this week.
-Video games are essential to fun, sanity and mommy/son bonding (and also that I don't have to try to lose to my 4 year old, it just happens now)

I've also come to accept that I will live in a perpetual state of complete exhaustion. Inky has endless energy and whatever he doesn't take from me, Fetus is doing a a good job of stealing. Being exhausted is no longer a feeling but a part of my personality. I'm OK with it. I also knew I had amazing friends and a great support system BUT I had no idea how many amazing friends I had and how amazing their support would be. I'm so lucky. SO SO lucky.

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NDKate07 said...

OMG the flightsuit comment! I'm crying and I'm not even pregnant or his mom. <3 you guys.