Friday, January 25, 2013


It's official. My kid has completely given up naps. I've known this for a while but if I snuggled with him I could usually get him to fall asleep after a bit and then sneak out. It wasn't ideal but as any mommy knows, NAPTIME ROCKS! Those days are over and I learned it the hard way this week.

Exhibit A
I am still a big fan of "quiet time" because he needs a break from his energizer bunny style of play. Well as I am sitting in the office working on a newsletter I hear a loud bang. Then I hear nothing. This is followed by a scream and dramatic crying. I run to Link's room, fling open the door and Link is on the floor by his window and his chair is on top of his bed on it's side. You can see exactly how it dumped him off into the wall. After making sure his eyes were fine and I wouldn't have to rush him to the ER I asked him what happened. He replied "I just falled off the chair and goed splat on the ground." Yup.

Today during "naptime" he comes up to me with his face slightly damp and says "Mommy, what do I smell like!?" All I could do was laugh. What the heck!? Luckily it was only foaming hand sanitizer that the little thief ganked from my purse but the possibilities of what it could have been are endless and terrifying!

I'm sure these shenanigans are going to continue and instead of being bothered by it, I'm just going to make these ridiculous events into blog posts for my readers to be enjoy.

Bye bye naptime!

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