Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Protect Your Ass

We Need More
I will NEVER claim to understand the mind of a two year old. Link makes no sense to me. Every once in a while he decides he needs new underwear. OK change is good. Wearing the same pair all day long isn't very exciting. Sometimes you just want to feel fresh or something right? Here's Link's thing though: He has to have ALL the underwear. Here is what happened tonight.

"I need to go potty"
So we take him in to go. He finishes his business.
"I need new underwears"
We surrender. New underwear it is. He grabs train underwear. D helps him put it on.
"We need another one"
He hands it to D to help him and on goes another pair of underwear.
"We need this one"
"No. Two is enough underwear" -D
"How 'bout this one"

So now my son is wearing not one, not two, but three pairs of underwear. Quite honestly, of all the toddler shenanigans he could pull, wanting to wear three pairs of underwear is a parental victory. At least he wants to wear them. Who am I to tell him not to wear a bunch of underwear?!

A Time I Had

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