Monday, July 25, 2011

Getting Back into the Groove

My sorry attempt at blogging did not last. Apparently raising a kid is a lot of work and doesn't leave much time for much of anything. However, after taking a two year break from the blogging world I hope to throw myself back into it and keep everyone who cares up to date on the various happenings of me and my little family. Here goes nothing.

Dragons Galore
One of Link's new obsessions is dragons. I've known he dug them since the day he walked into our office to see the Wrath of the Lich King WoW login screen. For those non-gamers out there the login screen features a lovely dragon who roars his mighty roar! Link came in, roared and was super excited. So last night after his bath he found one of my World of Warcraft magazines (yes, I'm that girl!) and wanted to look at the dragons since the front cover of this particular issue proudly displays Deathwing the Destroyer. I won't go into details for my non-wow friends but there are several groups of dragons and we went through all of them. The conversation was something like this:
"Whoa it's a dragon. Mommy, look. It's a lot of dragons."
"Yeah it is. Wow. Very cool."
"Mommy what is it?"
"That's Alexstrazsa. Those are the red dragons. "
"That's a lotta red dragons. Whoa. I turn the page. Mommy, what is it?"
"That's Malygos. Those are the blue dragons."
"Blue dragons. OK. Mommy, turn the page. Mommy, what is it?"
"That's Nordormu. Those are the bronze dragons."
"Whoa. Those are a lot of dragons. I turn it. Whoa mommy, what is that?"
"Those are the green dragons. That's Ysera. She guards the emerald dream."
"Whoa I like a green dragon. Those are stars and moons" (by the way stars and moons ALWAYS go together in Inky world) "I need more dragons."
"OK turn the page and there will be more dragons."
"That's Deathwing."
"That's Deathwing. That's Deathwing. I like that dragon."

And there you have it. My child went through all the dragonflights and his favorite is the one that is the big bad guy in the whole world of warcraft. Seriously. I knew he was evil!

Land of the Scorpions
We are still attempting to acclimate to this evil land known as Texas. With a constant temperature of around 98-102 degrees everyday we go outside, sweat buckets and run back to the A/C. If the heat were not bad enough, the driving and all the crazy roads here do not lend themselves well to putting me in a good mood. I'm holding it together but the other night I was viciously assaulted by a cockroach and it broke me! After encountering a scorpion in our living room, a mouse in our garage, various creepy bugs near our baseboards, and D's brush with a tiny lizard in our entryway a cockroach hanging out by my the sink near my toothbrush was not what anyone needed. To make matters worse D is at training, Link was asleep, my dog is lazy and I have never seen a cockroach before in my life. I close the door, run to the hall, grab a plastic bag and a notebook (like I am McGyver or something) and quietly sneak back into the bathroom where the evil roach of Doom awaits me. I quickly discover this bug can fly as he is now on the other side of the room. Armed with my new knowledge of his quick transportation I begin to completely freak out. What the hell am I going to do with my expert bug catching gear? If I get close to this thing it's going to fly at my face, crawl down my throat, take over my body and attempt to raise my son on it's own. So, after freaking out and calling a friend who lives in Alaska from the safety of the top of the toilet seat, then calling my mommy and crying at her for about half an hour I watch the cockroach settle in for the night in the corner near the ceiling and go to sleep... or at least I think that's what it was doing. Regardless, I handled it like a big girl and locked him in the bathroom since the exterminator was coming the next morning. I'm great at this adult thing.

Hopefully I will keep this sucker up to date regularly. That's the plan anyway but we all know how plans work out so smoothly sometimes!

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